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4:07 pm - Tues 5.13.2008
The Working-Man Blues

The Working-Man Blues

Well, since nothing is happening on the acting front, and little is happening on the "anything-else-that-would-make-me-feel-good" front, I'm still wrestling with/obsessing over my schedule issues at ArcLight.

Particularly since it now looks as if I'm done with Javier - my therapist - because of my new schedule. Or to be more precise, because of my new lack of a regular schedule (I apparently don't have Wednesday nights off anymore, and it's the only opening he has in his schedule).

But to just imagine what life would be like without this new, persistent pain-in-my-ass, I'm going to write about...uhhhhh...something else.

At least for a moment.

One nice thing is that I have, at this writing, three checks in my wallet waiting to be deposited (In descending monetary order); the check from JS (For the "industrial use" of the AT&T spot), my tax rebate check (Which wasn't nearly as much as I was expecting - it's only $158 - but is "better than a poke-in-the-eye", as they say), and a small residual check for my Nip/Tuck episode.

Another nice thing is that, barring unforeseen circumstances (aka an audition), I'm having lunch with Patrick M. on Thursday (aka my birthday/my day off).

(I saw the beloved John O., from Borders days, at the theater recently - he was there to see Iron Man - and I used that as pretext to email him today. I invited him to Thursday's lunch, skipping the part about it being my birthday. But I frankly doubt he'll come; I think the man-crush I have on John is, sadly, unrequited.)

What else is going on...?

While I wouldn't say I've started "looking for another job", I have made some preliminary feints in that direction lately; I've recently checked out that website Patrick R. referred me to (, looked through some online want-ads, and asked the general manager at my local Ralphs if they were hiring for overnight help.

(The Marriot near me is not currently hiring for desk clerks, I didn't find anything in the want-ads that sounded like something I could do/would want to do, and as the GM at Ralphs put it, "I can't get rid of the last overnight guys I hired", no matter how much he reduces their hours.)

But as much as I keep telling people - When I tell them about considering working at Weight Watchers - that I don't want to "put all my eggs in one basket", that's really my "exit strategy" from ArcLight.

I wouldn't mind making more money than it apparently pays (It would be nice to have a job that actually pays the bills, so money from acting gigs could be bankrolled), but it would seem to have the flexibility I need, with good benefits, and hopefully, acting will continue to at least take care of the shortfall.

And it has a nice added benefit of being something not totally unfamiliar to me; I've seen at least a good deal of what they do at these WW meetings, and it really doesn't look like anything I can't manage.

You know, if I knew how long it was going to take me to lose my remaining weight, and knew how long it would take me to get from there to working at WW, I'd just quit ArcLight now, and wait it out. But right now, it just feels like there are too many variables.

Well, my time is up. It's off to work I go...


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