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9:14 pm - Fri 1/18/08
NOT \"The Worst One-Line Performance Ever Committed To Film

NOT "The Worst One-Line Performance Ever Committed To Film"

Just watched my little bit on Monk.

It went by too quickly to pass judgment on the "acting" (Though I don't think there was anything particularly wrong with it). I was just happy I was there on tv; beyond the embarrassment (Of telling people you're in a commercial or on a tv show, then finding out you were cut), not making the final cut of a commercial or tv episode means no residuals.

And residuals are a working actor's best friend.

Which brings me to my next nice bit of news - I got a check from JS today!

(It's official: Unexpected checks in the mail are cool.)

It was for those Comcast promos I did last year, to the tune of almost $700 (Or to put it in practical terms, a months rent, with a couple bucks to spare).

So my day has gone from getting that check, to going out on a rare feature audition (A SAG "low budget" feature, but a feature nevertheless), to watching my bit on Monk just now.

I've definitely had worse days...


In today's mail, along with the Comcast check from JS, were the test results on my blood and urine samples from Wednesday's physical.

Everything was normal (Like my blood sugar, for example - YAY!)...except for my HDL cholesterol and hematocrit levels, which were both low.

In the "Comments" section of the report, the doctor said the HDL cholesterol should be over 40 (Mine was 31), that exercise will raise it - since I've been exercising for months now, that comment left me a bit non-plussed - and the test should be repeated in three months; since he didn't have anything to say about my hematocrits - whatever they are - I'm assuming they're not too big a deal.


Amongst the many roles she's played in my life - Surrogate Mother,
Big Sister, Best Friend, etc - Jane Z. is also my "Archivist"; in the event of my untimely demise - or Diaryland's - she has copies of all my Diaryland entries (Barring some crazy level of success in the coming years - which I can't rule out - it's hard to imagine anyone caring about my Diaryland writing after I'm dead. I just like the idea of there at least being a record that I was here. But anyway...).

Jane recently emailed me my Diaryland stats:

2007 - 202 pages in 12 point type, 102,348 words.

2006 - 164 pages
2005 - 251 pages
2004 - 214 pages
2003 - 343 pages
2002 - 429 pages
2001 (which started September of 2000) 450 pages

That's 2,053 pages altogether -- whew!

"Whew!" indeed...

Part of me is impressed, and part of me kind of wonders "What's the point?". But there's obviously something in journaling that "works" for me.


(10:56 p.m.)

Much to my chagrin, the power went out briefly right at the start of Monk, so my DVR didn't record it. But it's just as well; If I had the chance, I'd probably watch my little one-line performance over and over again, till I convinced myself it was the worst one-line performance ever committed to film (And I don't really need to have it; it's not like there's enough going on there for a "reel". But anyway...)

Well, I felt like I had a lot more to write about - I do, really, it's just not "news" per se - but I'm starting to poop out. I think I'm going to post this and "call it good" for now.


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