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5:22 pm - Sunday, Feb. 03, 2008
Weight Watchers #14
Sun 2/3/08 (2:05 p.m.)

Weight Watchers #14

Going into today’s meeting, I didn’t have much of a feel, one way or the other, for how the weigh-in would go.

But I knew this much - after last week, when I gained 2.2 lbs, I would have wanted to kill myself if that happened again this week.

But happily, I was able to climb down off the ledge, and put the pills back in the medicine cabinet - I lost 2.6 lbs, which is the best weekly result I’ve had in a month (That puts me at 234 lbs and change, for a total of 34.2 lbs lost since October).

Today, I also made my 195 lb “target weight” official, by having Lynn, my WW Leader, initial it in my membership book.

It’s funny how important stupid things like that are.

(But they really are.)

I went a little nuts with the WW treats this week, buying the barbecue pretzels, the “peanut butter bliss” mini-bars, and the “blueberry crumble” bars (I’m tempted to say I was celebrating because of my good weigh-in, but that’s not really true; I was thinking last night that I wanted to buy treats at the meeting today, because my treats have become very “ice-cream centric” over the past number of weeks - WW fudgesicles and Healthy Choice ice-cream sandwiches - and as they say, variety is the spice of life).

I went grocery shopping after the meeting, which has become my routine most weeks. Spent a lot, as I always do, which is a tough thing to fix, because 1) food’s expensive out here, 2) I wouldn’t buy what I buy if I didn’t like it, and 3) last week notwithstanding, what I’ve been buying has been working for me, in terms of weight-loss.


The past two weeks, from one week to the next, didn’t really feel like the difference between gaining 2.2 lbs and losing 2.6; I “tweaked” things a little, maybe (thanks to putting V8 on the training table recently, I’m finding it much easier to get in at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day), but I think it was mostly my body fighting my efforts to “starve” it, then giving up in the face of my steely resolve.

Or something like that.


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