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2:25 pm - Sun 3.09.2008

Weight Watchers #19

Today's weigh-in was...a bit disappointing.

Last week I lost .8 lbs; this week, I gained it back.

My first response was to be bummed (I had to tell myself "Jim, you weren't happy when you lost a fraction-of-a-pound, so you can't turn around and be unhappy when you gain a fraction-of-a-pound..."; if it's too small an amount of weight to really "matter", then that should cut both ways).

I'm just a little frustrated - that's two weeks now where nothing much has happened. And since I started paying my own way in WW (After Jane's initial ten-week gift ran out), its become very important to me to reach "Lifetime Member" status (Where you no longer have to pay) ASAP.

Speaking of "paying", I ran out of my latest batch of weekly meeting coupons last week, and am switching to a "monthly pass". It's a little cheaper, it gives you access to the WW website's online "etools", and it just seems like there's a little less fuss-and-bother involved.

Something I was thinking about today...with the "Flex" plan, I have 40 "daily" points, with an additional 35 "weekly" points, should I want/need to use them.

Now, I've never used those weekly points, and I'm wondering how in the world I could, since even without using them, I've had weeks where I've lost a negligible amount of weight, or actually gained weight?

(Okay, other than today's small gain, I've only had one week where I gained - over 2 lbs - but still...)

I'm just wondering. Because it might be nice to use those 35 points to "treat myself" sometime. But I'm not going to do it if the result of that "treat" is an extra two or three lbs come the Sunday morning weigh-in).

If anyone has experience in this matter, feel free to chime in (It's something I want to remember to ask the Leader about next week, cause I'm curious).


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