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8:41 am - Sun 11/4/07

Weight Watchers Entry #2

Finished my second week of WW yesterday (I go to meetings on Saturday morning at 11:00).

Since the previous week’s weigh-in, I’d been steeling myself against the inevitable letdown - since I lost six lbs the first week, I told myself to prepare for things to slow down this week - but it looks like the “letdown” will need to be postponed: I lost 4.4 lbs this week!

(I’d told myself not to be disappointed if I only lost a pound or two, so 4 lbs and change left me feeling pretty good about the way things are going.)

At yesterday’s meeting, I shared my anxiety about the post-Halloween ACG party I’d be attending that evening, with all the opportunities for eating and drinking too much (And the temptation to do just that, out of boredom or social anxiety).

Even though I already knew how I was going to deal with it (I have 35 weekly points to play with, but I “don’t want to go there” every time temptation arises; instead, I decided to take a couple WW treats with me, and stick with diet Coke throughout the evening), it felt good to share my concerns with the group. I think it helped my resolve.

It wasn’t hard to not drink at the party - It was BYO (Adult) B, so I simply didn’t “bring” - but not eating was more difficult (Especially since it took me quite awhile to find Molly and Jen’s place once I got off the Metro, and I ate my WW bars before I got there). There were chips and guacamole, and cocktail weinies in bbq sauce - and candy, of course - and I like all that stuff.

And I could have eaten something, like I said. But I’m only two weeks into the program, and I don’t want to get in the habit of giving in to temptation every time it presents itself (Besides, if you don’t use your weekly points, you lose weight faster, and in my book, that’s a pretty good reason not to use them).

And honestly? While I didn’t have a great time at the party, it didn’t have much to do with not having any guacamole or cocktail weinies - If anything, I think I felt better when I left, knowing I’d stuck by my guns, than if I’d told myself “Maybe just a little gaucamole...”.


Nobody’s noticed that I’m losing weight yet, but I’ve certainly noticed, and after another ten pounds or so, I imagine other people will too.

One thing that strikes me - when I had my surgery last year (Having nothing but liquids during my week in the hospital), I decided I’d use that experience as a “springboard” to losing weight, and lost a shade under 20 lbs, which I lost and then kept off over the course of about six months; I didn’t add any extra exercise to the mix, and had no clear eating plan except to eat less, eat less junk, and cut out diet Coke.

Now, in two weeks, and without the benefit of a liquid diet “jump start”, I’ve lost over 10 lbs., and it seems clear that, if I really want to do this - and I really do - I can go the distance with Weight Watchers (And what does “going the distance” mean at this point? Losing at least another 58 lbs, and keeping it off. For good).

The past two weeks have not been without their challenges - gaining control over your eating when you’re used to eating whatever you want, whenever you want, takes getting used to - and I still feel like I’m doing some fine-tuning in terms of “working the program”. But that said, it’s been easier than I expected it to be.

And I’m the kind of guy who likes it when things are easier than he expects them to be.


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