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1:47 pm - Sun 8.10.2008
Weight Watchers #40

Weight Watchers #40

I'm not giving myself much time to write this - Patrick M. is picking me up in less than fifteen minutes to go see American Teen - so I need to move briskly...

Well, it was bound to happen - I gained .4 lbs this week. Which, looking at whole numbers (I go from 209 lbs even to 209.4 lbs this week) means this week was pretty much a "holding pattern".

I'm a little disappointed, a little angry at myself...but not surprised; I had a feeling last night that this was not going to be a "happy" weigh-in.

(This is the part of the entry where I would be "ripping myself a new one"...but I'm trying not to be that guy, because I don't think it really helps my cause. But anyway...)

So what went wrong?

In a nutshell, I've been feeling kinda crappy lately. Tired and creaky, and just generally out-of-sorts.

That being the case, I've fallen off on the exercise...and it seems exercise, in the latter stages of this game, is making the difference between consistently losing each week...and playing this bullshit "on-again/off again" game.

So this week, however tired and creaky I may feel, however "crappy", I am going to "step up my exercise game".
I'm going to get past how I feel, I'm going to get over my frustration over how much exertion it's now taking to get anything to happen, and I'm going to get it done.

(End Transmission)


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