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11:00 am - Weds 8.27.2008
I've Sent Out My Weight Watchers Paperwork...And Feel Lighter Already!

I've Sent Out My Weight Watchers paperwork...And Feel Lighter Already!

The deed is done.

I received the Weight Watchers employment paperwork in Monday's mail.

Procrastinating just a bit - feeling that "resistance" I just finished reading about in The War Of Art - I finished it earlier this morning.

So once Weight Watchers gets said paperwork, assuming everything is in order, I'll be scheduled for training, which doesn't seem too arduous; maybe two day's worth of "orientations" and "mentoring sessions", and working through the "online tally course", to learn how to process member fees and product sales.

I'll be starting as a "receptionist" - as everyone does - but my goal, somewhere down the line, is to be a "leader" and run weekly meetings.

I'm mildly anxious about starting a new thing, but only mildly - the starting "receptionist" position is really just another "service industry" job, not much different than jobs I've had before (It's the "Leader" position that will present a new set of challenges).

I'm a little more anxious about dealing with new people, and whether or not I'll like them and they'll like me (Particularly since, unlike Borders or ArcLight, I won't have the automatic set of shared interests - books, comics, movies, acting, etc. - that I'm used to having with people I work with).

But I'm saving the real anxiety for potential conflicts with auditions, acting jobs, etc. (That's one of the reasons that, all things being equal, I'd rather not have to work a "straight job". I'd love to be in a position to "clear the decks" for acting - but I've done that for the past three months, and there hasn't been any acting).

At the initial "So You Want To Work At Weight Watchers?" meeting months ago, I filled out an application and listed my availability.

And because I'm an idiot, I gave them an availability I wasn't completely comfortable with (Though in my own defense, it's pretty hard to both not work nights, keep weekday business hours open for auditions, and schedule yourself for enough hours to actually make a living).

So now I'm in the position of either dealing with whatever schedule I get, and hoping for the best, or else emailing Sherry - the territory manager - and saying "Hey Sherry, you know that availability I gave you? The availability that may have been part of why you hired me in the first place? Well now, before I even start working for you, I want to change it".

The idea of that email embarrasses me, but I think, in the interest of honesty and fair-play, I have to write it (In addition to the "honesty and fair-play" issue, it'll also remind me that, now and always, acting has to be my first priority).


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