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10:27 AM - Mon 10.25.21

Just Another Medical Monday

As I begin this, Jane R. is - if things have stayed on schedule - about 45 minutes into a four-hour surgery to remove some lymph nodes in her neck.

This is something that's been planned for months - since her last surgery, if not before - but I haven't understood, till recently, that it's not necessarily just a preventive measure "in case" her cancer comes back (The cancer - a tumor at the back of her tongue - has come back once already. And I've been thinking this surgery was happening so, in the event of another recurrence, the cancer couldn't hitch a free ride to the rest of her body).

But apparently, it's possible they could tell her, post-surgery, "There's some bad news - We found more cancer".

I think that worry comes more from Jane than her surgeon - Or else why would he have posed this surgery as an elective surgery he recommended, that she could postpone for months, rather than something that needed to happen ASAP? - but it doesn't seem like a totally off-the-wall concern from where I'm sitting.

She's also worried about the procedure itself - after all, they're cutting open her neck, and there's some fairly important stuff in there (She's particularly concerned about ending up with a "crooked smile" that her surgeon told her would "probably" just be temporary).

But I'm telling myself this procedure is successfully performed, all over the world, the vast majority of the time.

And the reason it's a four-hour procedure is specifically so they take the time it takes to not nick this or sever that, particularly if Jane is going to need it later.

So I'm not overly worried...but it will still be nice to hear, when it's over, that everything went fine.

Because it's all going to be fine.



My body-work today is way less serious - Going to PT in about an hour-and-a-half, then to the Dentist at 4:00 (To make a temporary tooth fix permanent, to shore up the composite veneers on my lower front teeth, and to at least discuss getting the remaining caps I need. It kinda sucks that my insurance won't pay for much, if any, of it, but nevertheless, it has to be done).

I also have a Cameo to do today, my third in as many days (And two of them have been with a 24-hour turnaround, which costs extra - Ka-ching!!), along with a video Jane has asked me to do for the Acting Like Nothing Is Wrong Instagram page.

Beyond that, it doesn't feel like there's that much going on these days.

I've got some little things I'm stressed about (Another issue has cropped up with Unemployment. And any time I have a question/issue with Unemployment it's stressful because it's difficult-next-to-impossible to talk to an actual person about it) and some little things I'm enthused about (Going to a screening with my friend Josh on Thursday).

And there's the aforementioned surgical situation with Jane (Which I'm assuming is going to be fine, but still...).

But the overarching feeling these days is (to steal from The Simpsons) that I'm in "the creamy middles".

Now, the reason "the creamy middles" leave me feeling a bit anxious is the stuff of another entry...

Till next time...



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