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4:24 pm - Mon 7/23/07
Brief Entry From \"Zombie Jim\"

A Brief Entry From "Zombie Jim"

All I've done today--until a short time ago, when I went to the store to buy a few things--is eat, sleep, and read the latest "Harry Potter".

And I'm still dead-on-my-feet. And by "dead-on-my-feet", I mean it's "Zombie Jim" time.

All I want to do today is more of the same (Eat, sleep, read, then repeat as needed).

What I don't want to do is go to work. But I don't call out without a good reason (ex. The only time I've called out at ArcLight so far is when I got that photo-double gig awhile back), because 1)I'm afraid if I started calling out when I didn't feel good, I'd never go to work, and 2)I'm looking for some vague "moral high ground" that comes from only calling out when I need to.

Speaking of ArcLight, I got good news a couple days ago--My time-off request was approved.

That's a load off my mind; I was "talking a great game" about this trip back to Michigan ("Screw ArcLight--I want to go on this trip, so I'm going!"), but I'm not ready to cut the ArcLight umbilical cord...just yet.

...though that could change, given the right job (for example: Awhile back, Patrick R., an actor friend who works for Marriot, suggested I should apply for the front desk at one of their hotels, cause it would be better money than I make at ArcLight. And, apparently, they give employees these things called "benefits" that sound kinda cool).

Adding a little momentum to the "Why the hell am I working at ArcLight?" question (besides the free movies) is the fact that I received my latest rent increase notice in today's mail.

Once they tack some little surcharge onto it, it's going to be around $685 a month.

We're rapidly approaching the point where my monthly ArcLight paychecks won't cover my rent, let alone everything else.

And while 2007 has been the best year of my fledgling acting career so far, and I want to believe it's going to be "onwards and upwards" from here, I have no guarantee that's going to be the case (For all I know--and this is a fear of mine--I could be experiencing the peak year of my earnings as an actor).

Anyway, on to something happier...

Jon G., the "Jam Camp" guy, responded to my email today, with some info about some "jam sessions" in the L.A. area (Open jams tend to be on Mondays, which is another reason to find a way to not work nights).

He also made a little video for me, going over the stuff we did on the phone.

That's a good thing, because it's difficult-to-nearly-impossible for me to motivate myself to practice anything unless I have a performance goal, and now he's given me specific things to work on, and the "performance goal" is that I don't want to look like an idiot in October, if he hears me play and I haven't done any work on the things we went over.

Anyway, speaking of "work", it's off to the theater I go...


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