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9:26 am - Mon 7.18.2011
All Quiet On The \"Shameless\" Front

All Quiet On The Shameless Front

Crap! I've let another whole week go by...!

Anyway, nothing has happened on the Shameless front, which is a little nerve-wracking (I'd like to get the "It's official" stamp of a shoot date), and a little frustrating (Assuming it is a go, I'll need fills for whatever Weight Watchers meeting - or meetings - I'll be missing. And it would be nice to be able to give "my team" a specific day I'm "booked out" for, in terms of auditions and such).

But I don't want to turn this happy occasion into a reason to be unhappy. As I've said before, I expect I'll get the call, be happy with what I get to do, it'll go well, and that'll be that.

But I do think it's interesting, how my mind is running on two different "tracks" on the subject - On the one hand, I worry that it's not gonna happen, while on the other, I'm having to "talk myself down" from being overly excited.

Again, I don't want to "snatch defeat from the jaws of victory" by wanting more out of the experience than it's likely to provide.

I think it's reasonable to assume it'll happen, and it'll go well.

Beyond that? Well, that's up to the Universe.

One interesting effect of this Shameless business? It seems to have "ramped up" my desire to start getting auditions again - I'd been telling myself not to expect much till at least the end of the month. But I know other people have gotten auditions and booked things, and I got the Shameless call, so "let the games begin!".

In other news...

On the nose-and-throat front, after my throat pain had subsided to almost nothing over the course of the week, I was very concerned when it felt worse on Saturday than it had in the number of days previous.

Today things feel "calmer" than on Saturday, so I don't really know how to proceed; I guess I'll "see how it goes" over the next day or two.

(I don't have another follow-up appointment till the 1st, but if things are going wrong, I don't want to give the "wrongness" a two week head-start.)

Right now, my sleeping is appreciably worse than before. Which was expected - the tissue that got zapped by the radio-frequency treatment is going to swell before it shrinks - but "expected" doesn't make it fun.

I just want it to work.

But speaking of "wanting it to work", it's time for me to head off to my Monday morning Group...


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