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6:59 pm - Mon 7.11.2011
\"Shameless\" Redux

Shameless Redux

Well, shows you what I know...

I assumed, following Friday's procedures, that "the lead story" of any journal entry to follow would - naturally - be all about my recovery.

(Long story short, I'm recovering.)

But our top story tonight turns out to be this: Sharon (My theatrical agent) called earlier today.

Initially, I wasn't happy to get the call, cause I thought it was an audition I wasn't sure I was ready for, throat-wise.

But then she told me - the folks from Shameless had called, and they want me back on the show!

It's not official yet (i.e. nothing's been signed), but I'm "pinned" for the third episode of the coming season, and will shoot - hopefully - sometime between the 25th and the 2nd.

(And I'm hoping I'll be doing something with William H. Macy - that's just something I'd really like to have on my reel...and in my memories.)

Tues 7/12/11

Was hoping I'd get confirmation today on the Shameless thing, but I didn't.

I certainly hope this happens - I'm writing about it in here, and of course, updated on Facebook seconds after I got the call, so it'll be pretty embarrassing if it doesn't- but if it doesn't, for whatever reason, this is still positive stuff; I got to do a good bit, and made enough out of it that it made an impression, which is exactly what I need to do to get from "here" to "there" as an actor.

I'm not quite believing this, in part because it isn't "official" yet (To me, it won't be till Sharon calls with a confirmed shoot date), but more, I think, because it's a little too "exactly what I asked for", if that makes any sense.

Not really used to that.

Anyway, I'm assuming it's going to happen, that they'll give me another fun thing to say (Or maybe a couple fun things to say), and I'll do well, and everyone will be happy.

Seem like pretty reasonable assumptions.


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