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11:31 pm - Sat 1.31.2009
I Could Use A Government Bailout Myself Right About Now

I Could Use A Government Bailout Myself Right About Now

Wrestling with a fairly high degree of financial anxiety tonite...


1. Looking at my bank statement online, I made less than $500 from Weight Watchers in January.

It's the most money I've made in a month since starting there.

(My rent alone is $720.)

That less-than-$500 take is from a schedule of six meetings a week. If I worked twice as many meetings - a tall order in the current financial climate - I still wouldn't make my current monthly nut.

2. I still haven't received the elusive Coldstone check. The one that was "in the mail" over a week ago.

3. Looking through my collected W-2s,

a) I'm feeling like something must be missing - I know it wasn't a banner year, but I thought I made more than that from acting.

b) I'm reminded, by the very small amount of money represented therein, that I wasn't just relying on my savings when I wasn't working this past summer (In between quitting ArcLight and starting at Weight Watchers), but pretty much for the entire year; even when I was at ArcLight, that was only about covering the rent. Everything else was those sad little gigs I booked last year...and my savings.

So the savings are dwindling down to nothing, and I booked nothing last year that's going to bring in any meaningful amount of money (The Yellow Pages spot has probably done about as much as it's going to).

And the bills are piling up - SAG Dues, AFTRA Dues, the deductibles on my hernia surgery and ER visit (When I fell in my apartment and cracked my head open), credit cards, etc.

So, is there any good news?

Well, as frustrating as it's been to wait (and wait...and wait...), I have to believe that, sometime, eventually, I will get the Coldstone money.

And it will help immensely.

And the "up" side of having made very little money last year is that I'll get a tax refund (As opposed to paying thousands of dollars, like last year).

Once again, that will help immensely.

And I don't know how, I don't know when, I don't know to what degree, but I'll be getting some measure of fiscal relief when I start booking gigs this year.

I'm up for that happening any time now.

But speaking of "gigs", I'm actually working a WW meeting tomorrow (The one before the meeting I normally attend as a member), so I think I'm going to take to my bed.

Where I will have sweet dreams of making enough money to support this jet-set lifestyle of mine...


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