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1:46 pm - Fri 1/12/07
Who's Been Boiling Potatoes In Here...?

Who's Been Boiling Potatoes In Here...?

To start this entry on an "up" note: I got an email from JS a short time ago, telling me I'm "on avail" for Propel Fitness Water (As a "paparazzi").

(The audition was on Monday; the callback was yesterday.)

I'd like to get it, because as I wrote to Jane earlier, one of my big goals this year is to book some more gigs while the "Bahamavention" spot is still running. I'd absolutely love it if this were the year I was able to go to "full-time" as an actor, and having a couple good nationals running on tv is one way that could happen (In fact, at this point, it's the only way I can see that happening).

In not-quite-as-nice news, on Monday night, my apartment flooded.

The cold water faucet in my kitchen had been running non-stop for the day or two previous (Not running full-on, but substantially more than a "drip").

I procrastinated on telling George, the apartment manager, about it, because I was hoping to first get around to picking up the place a bit.

Anyway, just before I started to head off to work that night, I noticed the sink had started to drain more slowly, and thought "Oh Crap! That could be a problem...".

So I got George.

He took a look at it--at that point, the sink wasn't really filling up, but it seemed obvious there was that potential--and he said he didn't think it would be a problem, and that the plumber was coming by the next day.

Turned out, it was a problem: When I got home, water was everywhere, and my carpet was soaked (Five days later, and it's still squishing under my feet).

Now my apartment smells sort of like someone's boiling potatoes 24/7 (It smells terrible when you come in from outside, but I'm amazed at how quickly I get used to it).

But something good is going to come of this disaster (Granted, after more work than I'm really interested in doing); After I move everything I can move by myself into the kitchen/dining area, they're going to rip out the offending squishy carpet, and replace it with some kind of stone/concrete flooring (A burgundy color I think will go well with my decor, such as it is).

For a pig like me, I think it's a really good move (George and Yvette have it in their apartment, and like it a lot).

And it's going to force me, against my will, into shoveling out the garbage I've let accumulate.

Well, there's much more to write about--Finally got my headshots to the printer for example--but I'm really tired, so it's back to bed for me...


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