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11:01 pm - Sat 1.30.2010
A Man's Home Is His \"Castle\"

A Man's Home Is His "Castle"

Got the happy news from Brett yesterday that I booked a role on Castle.

The audition was on Wednesday, so when I didn't hear by that evening (Or at some point on Thursday), I thought it hadn't gone my way - That's how fast tv casting moves a lot of the time.

I'd also felt "iffy" about how the audition had gone - I thought I'd gotten off to a ragged start in the scene. But that was clearly just some weird static in my head, because after I did my thing, the casting associate who'd been running the camera said, "Great job Jim, as always".

(While it's possible to make too much of a comment like that - it doesn't mean you're a lock for the part or anything - there's no reason for a casting person to say something like that if they really thought you sucked.)

BTW, this is the casting office where I booked the infomercial with John Cleese - Donna Rosenstein Casting.

They've brought me in at least four times since the infomercial (Twice for Ghost Whisperer and twice for Castle), so clearly they like me.

And I'm glad their "liking me" has led to another job (I worry sometimes that if I go to a casting office one too many times without booking a gig, the casting people will finally say to themselves, "Well, I guess the producers just don't like this guy..." and quit bringing me in).

I have a wardrobe fitting on Tuesday, and the shoot is on Thursday.

(And I will be writing more about this - probably tomorrow - but I'm losing consciousness here, and I have to get up early tomorrow for my WW meeting in West LA., so it's off to bed for the big "TV Star"...)


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