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4:51 pm - Fri 1/5/07
\"Criminal Minds\" And Other Junk

Criminal Minds and Other Junk

Just got back from my Criminal Minds audition...

It went all right, I think, but I wish it had gone better; I did it once, got a re-direct from the director, then subsequently had some trouble getting the lines out (It took me three tries). But the "vibe" in the room was good, and when I did manage to spit it out, I felt I gave the director exactly what he'd asked for (You just worry, in a situation like that, that someone else is going to "give the director what he'd asked for" without all the fumbling around).

But good, bad, or indifferent, it's done now (Interesting side-note: The actor who went in for the role before me worked on the Time/Warner Cable commercial I did years ago. He was the guy who was beating the crap out of his satellite dish with a hockey stick. Small world...).

Had a nice surprise from JS in today's mail (Though not quite as nice as I'd imagined--Initially, I thought it was some "Bahamavention" money); it was a check for $62.20, from the PNC Bank callback where I waited over an hour past my appointment time (That was the audition with all the kids that took forever-and-a-day). It's the first time I've gotten one of those checks, which is kind of cool--It's rare that anyone treats my time as being valuable, but in this case, it was worth $62.20.

(Can't help but contrast that "Hourly Rate" with what I make at the theater...)

And speaking of the theater, it's time for me to go do "the working thing" (Which tonite, is a closing shift in the gift shop).

See ya around and about...


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