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11:34 am - Thurs 2.10.2011
A Brief Entry From \"Father Hoffmaster\"

A Brief Entry From "Father Hoffmaster"

Where to begin...?

Just got back from Dr A.'s office; he says the infection looks better each time he sees it.

Now, he's the Doctor, and the one who's actually looking at the infected area (BTW, the scope he uses usually makes me gag and cough, but today it wasn't bad at all), but be that as it may, I'm not feeling things getting better from visit to visit, which is discouraging.

So anyway...more antibiotics, more steroids, and probably more advice from well-wishers to "get a second opinion" (Which for some reason, or reasons, I'm very resistant to).


Till yesterday, I thought the next entry I wrote would involve me bemoaning my dearth of auditions (I've had zip in the previous two weeks).

But happily, I got a call from Sharon yesterday (Sharon's my theatrical agent), and I have an audition for Jon Benjamin Has A Van this afternoon.

It's a nice two-line bit as a priest, so it would be fun to do (I've gone in for priest and minister roles before on other shows, but haven't booked any of them yet, so I'm hoping this will be the audition that breaks the cycle, and allows this poor atheist actor to play a "man of the cloth").

As I told Jane in an email, this is the second time I'm going in for the show, which means either they like me, or I was so "blah" they don't remember me. In any case, for confidence-boosting purposes, I'm going in assuming the former.


(3:30 pm)

While this year hasn't gotten off to the best start - I've struggled with physical issues, a boatload of anxiety, and fewer auditions than I'd like - starting to see last year's gigs popping up on tv has provided a bit of an emotional boost.

And, with any luck, the Budweiser commercial will provide a financial boost as well...though being the worrier that I am, I'm still worried about being edited out of the spot (Since it's a minute long, they might want to do a 30-second version), or it simply not running enough to do as well as I'd like it to.

(I guess the thing is to just be happy about getting something more from it; if nothing else, they've gotta pay me something for the Superbowl. And I have a feeling it might end up being the kind of thing that runs primarily during sports programming.)

So anyway, that aired, my Parks and Rec aired last Thursday, my Eagleheart airs tonite (On the Cartoon Networks late-night "Adult Swim" block), my Mr Sunshine airs next Wednesday, and my Shameless airs on the 20th.

Which leaves Pretty Little Liars as the last thing I did last year without an air date (At least the last time I looked).

Honestly, in addition to the money, I like the attention I get from being on tv. So clearly, it's time to start having some successes this year.

And seems to me, today's audition would be a perfect place to start...


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