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10:37 pm - Sat 10.04.2008


With the recent passing of Paul Newman, I was either reminded of something I'd forgotten, or learned something I never knew in the first place - "Minnesota Fats" (Played by Jackie Gleason in The Hustler) was a fictional character.

It was only after the movie that a real pool player (Whose name I don't know off the top of my head) adopted the moniker as his own.

(All this just reminded me of "Homer" playing pool with "Ned Flanders" on The Simpsons - "They don't call me 'Springfield Fats' just because I'm morbidly obese...!". Can't explain why, but I find that line hilarious.)


I don't remember if it's KFC or some other chicken place, but those ads for "sauceless hot wings"?

I don't get it.

What's the point?

I never thought about it till the commercials, but isn't half the appeal of hot wings licking your fingers afterwards?

Or maybe it's just me - half the time, when I'm eating something covered in something else (Salad in dressing, pancakes in syrup, chicken in "hot wing stuff"), I feel like the food is just a "delivery system" for the dressing/syrup/sauce/etc.

I guess that explains, at least in part, why I was a "portly gentleman" till just recently.


I watched The Ex-List last night on CBS (In my ongoing effort to see the new shows, so I can feel like I'm "doing something" as an actor, even if the "something" I'm doing is basically just watching tv).

Of all the new shows I've watched so far this season, I think it was my favorite (That Elizabeth Reaser is a charmer).

One interesting thing I came away with - In the show, the main characters, who are friends, razzed each other while still managing to seem as if they really liked each other.

That shouldn't seem strange - friends "give each other the business" sometimes - but in so many shows I've seen, characters who are ostensibly friends (Or even husband and wife) rip on each other mercilessly, and instead of it being funny, it's merely unpleasant, because there's no sense of affection underlying the joke.

So it was refreshing that "Ex List" got it right (It was "refreshing" enough that I might watch the show again sometime).


Awhile back, for some reason, I started becoming kind of annoyed at people who would come out when everyone in the world already knew they were gay.

("Nathan Lane is gay. And in other shocking news, water is wet. Film at 11:00...")

I would say to people, "I want Tom Hanks to come out, or - better yet - Clint Eastwood. Someone that would be really shocking".

That hasn't happened yet, but I have been mildly surprised a couple times in recent years by people coming out as gay (The Grey's Anatomy actor - can't think of his name - Neil Patrick Harris, Lindsay Lohan), and it made me realize that I don't personally care, one way or another.

And to the country at large, it seems to matter less than it used to, but I still wonder when we'll get to the point where some huge star will come out, and the country will collectively yawn and say, "Yeah? So?"

And I'm curious about who's going to go first.


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