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4:18 pm - Sun 4/23/06
Things To Look Forward To/Things To Feel Hopeful About

Things To Look Forward To/Things To Feel Hopeful About (I could use more of both right now)

I often feel like I live from one thing to feel hopeful about to the next (ex. having an audition that might lead to a booking, and might, by extension, lead to a big change in my circumstances).

And when I can't do that--when auditions aren't happening, for example--I live simply between things to look forward to ("This won't change my life"--whatever "this" may be--"but it should be fun").

(The two aren't mutually exclusive, of course--I like to have both things going on at any given time--but you know what I mean.)

In the "things to look forward to" column, I visited Cary and Kay last Sunday, which was great fun, as always. And that basically got me through the previous week, when I was feeling a little bit adrift (After the excitement of reading for Ivy Isenberg @ Paul Weber Casting).

Unfortunately, that's the only thing that's felt like a "positive" in the past couple weeks.

(You know things are bad when work yesterday was the highlight of my week...)

I'd hoped to get callbacks on at least one of two commercial auditions I had earlier...but I didn't get either.

I'd looked forward to the casting workshop with Will Stewart on Wednesday (From Lowy/Brace Casting, who do Greys Anatomy)...but I don't think it went very well.

(More on that later.)

And week three of my four-week comedy intensive with Nick Anderson (From Dava Waite Casting, that does My Name Is Earl), left me feeling like maybe it would have been better if I hadn't given this guy a four-week look at me.

(And more on that later.)

And Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy are "clip shows" tonite...

But I have a Sopranos/Big Love tape coming from Mark and Jane, two more casting workshops next week, and my last week of comedy class (Where I hope I'll finish on a high note and leave a good impression on this guy).

And now it's off to work...


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