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7:54 pm - 08.11.2012
The "NCIS" Shoot

The NCIS Shoot

I've said it before - I really need to break this habit I've developed of taking days to write an entry; I was working on this entry a couple days ago, then yesterday my ancient computer crashed...and - Voila! - no entry.


Well, clearly the big news of the week was the NCIS shoot.

Had the table-read on Monday (At the studio in Valencia) - I was "invited" (They weren't paying for it), and decided to go because...well, considering I'm a professional actor, I don't really spend much of my time doing..."acting stuff".

And, since my scene was with just one of the principals, it was my only chance to meet the rest of the cast.

This was a fun coincidence: I'd watched Rene Auberjonois in McCabe & Mrs Miller on Saturday night, and who should turn out to be a guest-star on the episode but...Rene Auberjonois!

We'd both gotten there early, and were trying to find our way around (Met him first in Wardrobe, where we were both clearly hoping to get our fitting in before the table-read instead of after. But sadly, that didn't work out for either of us).

As has often been my experience with meeting name actors, Mr Auberjonois was very nice; it was fun hearing him talk about shooting "McCabe" in Vancouver ("Bob was a pioneer of shooting things in Vancouver, so we have him to blame for that", he said, referring to the fact that a number of tv shows and movies shoot out of Vancouver now. I took that opportunity to tell him how I'd just lost out on a guest-star audition on Supernatural because they'd decided to cast it there).

The table read was scheduled right after lunch, so I actually got a free meal out of the deal, which was nice (Though I kept things pretty minimal, since I'm "over-goal" at WW and have been for awhile now).

I was a little nervous about the table-read, because I always want to make a good showing (And I've heard legends of actors actually losing the job after a table read), but it went fine.

I was very impressed when, as the series regulars came in, most of them made a point of introducing themselves; I'd heard from others actors I know that the NCIS set was a very friendly group, and they definitely lived up to their reputation.

My bit is at the top of the episode, and is just a page-and-a-half, so once things got started, there wasn't much time to be nervous before it was all over, and we were on to the rest of the show.

Afterward, I went over to Wardrobe with Mr Auberjonois and another member of the guest cast, and got fitted for my outfit (Basic dark-suit-and-tie; since I didn't have anywhere I had to rush off to afterward, I let my fellow actors go first).

Another "plus" to attending the table-read - It was a good "dress rehearsal" for getting to the shoot on Wednesday, which was "on location" just a short hop from the studio.

I'd assumed my call time on Wednesday would be very early - cause it was an outdoor shoot, for one thing - so I was very pleasantly surprised when I got an email telling me my call was 11 am.

Sure enough, I got a follow-up email a short time later - The first email was a mistake, and my actual call was 6 am.

So I got up at 4 am Wednesday morning - nervous enough about the early hour to have asked my friend Bruce B. to give me a "wake-up call" from Michigan, just as a backup - and made my way to Santa Clarita.

I got there early - though not as early as I'd thought I would - and there was really not much waiting-around; before I'd even finished my paperwork, they were calling me in for hair and makeup, and in less than an hour's time, I was called to the set.

(SPOILER ALERT; If you're a fan of the show, I'm about to disclose one "spoiler-y" bit of information, so this would be a good time to busy yourself with other things. If you're not especially a fan of the show, or you are but you don't care about "spoilers", you may proceed...)

My scene opens the episode, and it's with David McCallum.

As I said before, it's not a big scene - just a page-and-a-half - but with getting this shot and that, it took a couple hours to film.

Sometimes during the breaks, we just went our separate ways, but for much of the time, we sat and chatted about our careers (Granted, he had a lot more of a career to chat about than Yours Truly, but still...).

All-in-all, it was another happy experience with a name actor (Who knows? Maybe when I do my first scene with a bona-fide "Superstar", they'll turn out to be an asshole. But at this point, when I've gone in excited about working with a given actor, they've all turned out to be pretty cool

(11:16 pm)

My computer just crashed, something it's been doing a lot lately, so I'm going to wind this up more abruptly than I'd intended, because I don't want to lose this entry (Which was already about me re-doing an entry I'd lost).


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