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11:20 am - Tues 12/07/04
I Plan To Succeed...But Not Today

I Plan To Succeed...But Not Today

Don't have time for the entry I'd like to write right now, but wanted to at least get something down...

Well, I know it's going to be tailing off soon, but so far December's really been treating me right, audition-wise: I have two before work today.

I really like it when I have an audition--or in this case, two auditions--at the end of my workweek. Feels like I'm ending the week on a good note.

The first audition is for AmeriQuest (I don't know what they do, exactly, but doesn't it sound patriotic?). I'm going in for the "priest".

This is the second time in fairly quick succession that I've auditioned to play a member of the clergy, so I obviously need to find some clerical-supply place here in L.A., and buy myself a priestly collar (It might also come in handy for that "fake charity" scam I've been thinking about...). But for now, I'm contenting myself with a cheap black suit and a black turtleneck.

The second audition, at 3:00, is for Top Flight (Like Ameriquest, I'm not sure what they do, exactly. I'm thinking maybe golf balls, but I'm not sure). For that one, I'm just hanging out in an English pub.

I don't know about Top Flight, but the Ameriquest audition is a national, which as I've said before, are the ones I'm really horny for right now.

A friend emailed me recently, saying that he thought I was making a mistake by not assuming the Jack-In-The-Box spot will lead to other things. He thinks I should assume this is, basically, "the start of something big".

I think, in general, a lot of people are confusing my developing attitude about commercial auditions for pessimism, when it's really not, not in my mind, anyway. It's a fact--The odds are very much against me booking any one gig I audition for.

To audition for 50 or 60 commercials over the course of the year, and think that each one is going to be "the one", means being wrong, and disappointed, 95% of the time.

Emotionally, I can't handle that. I doubt most people could. So instead, I'm working on going in as if the whole point is just to audition, and to not expect anything else to happen afterwards.

Are things "trending upwards" for me? Yes, it seems obvious they are. Do I expect that I'll succeed out here? Yeah, right now at least, I do.

But I think I also need to expect there to be lots of rejection, lots of peaks and valleys, etc.

I guess if I could boil down the attitude I'm working on, it would be something like "I expect things to get better...but not necessarily this minute".

And speaking of "this minute", "Father Jim" needs to head out to that Ameriquest audition...


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