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11:27 pm - 09.05.2013
Table Reading

Table Reading

Worked all day at WW - two meetings in the morning/early afternoon, and my regular meeting in the evening - which is not like "busting rocks" or anything, but does make the day feel like a little bit of a waste.


The big news from here is that I booked that gig I wrote about in my last entry.

And because it's a "multi-cam", shot in front of an audience, my little nothing of a co-star role is nevertheless working for three days...which means I get paid for three days.


The "table read" was yesterday morning.

I'd like to be at a place in my career where table reads are just part of my day-to-day life...but as things stand, it always feels like I'm "just visiting", like I won a walk-on in a contest or something (Which, when I think about it, is pretty much exactly what happened).

This was apparently the series regulars' first day back from a hiatus, so they were energized, and all the guest cast were, as you might imagine, pretty happy to be there as well.

So there was a happy, excited "vibe" in the room - packed full of actors, network execs, and production staff -which meant the jokes landed really well, by and large.

I actually found myself somewhat rethinking my harsh assessment of the show in my last entry - Yes, I still found some of the jokes cringe-worthy (Let's just say there's no such thing as a "double entendre" on this show), but there were also some things that were genuinely funny, and the series regulars - in addition to the main guest-star - sold the heck out of the material.

I was pleased I got a chance to thank the casting director for bringing me in till I was actually cast. And while I wished I'd more to do (wondering if "wishing I had more to do" is just going to be my lot-in-life out here...), I did think, at one point, "I came out here to be an actor, and here I am, at a table read, sitting across from people I've watched on tv and seen in movies - This ain't bad...!".

Afterward, they had all the guest cast do their contract paperwork - which, to my embarrassment, I had a hard time with (I skipped things I should have filled in, filled in info in the wrong place, and missed one whole form altogether - but that's okay, cause I've only been here 12 years now...).

Well, there's loads more to write about, but I have a relatively early call tomorrow - 8 am - and it's now 11:30, so I should consider going to bed...


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