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7:59 am - Fri 7/18/03
Vegas Bound?

Vegas Bound?

Thu 7/17/03 9:40 p.m.

Had my audition for American Express earlier today (The one with Andre Agassi).

There wasn't much to it; basically, I say "Hi Andre" to Andre, and he says "Hi Jim" back (Then later in the commercial, he says "Hi Jim" to me, and I say "Hi Andre" back. This all while I'm washing my car).

So if I get this, I'm not really going to be getting my rocks off as an actor. But I'd get to meet Andre Agassi, which would be fun, it's a national, so the money/exposure would be good, and it shoots in Vegas, which would be cool, cause I've never been to Vegas.

Callbacks will be tomorrow–I can't believe they need callbacks for "Hi Andre"!–then, assuming I get called back and get the gig, I'd be leaving for Vegas on Monday, shooting the commercial on Tuesday, then coming back on Wednesday.

I don't have any sense of this being anything more than "the luck of the draw"–How much spin can you put on "Hi Andre"?–but that said, I'd really like to be drawn for this one!

If nothing else, I'd just like to go to Vegas on a production company's dime; Whether it's craft services or a plane trip to Vegas, I'm all about the "perks", baby! I want that free stuff!

And speaking of "free stuff"...

Wore my "new" shoes to the audition today (The white Adidas basketball shoes I found while on a walk with Max). They just made more sense as "shoes to wash the car in" than my black Rockports (I'd meant to buy shoelaces for them while I was at the grocery store today, but forgot. I've got the shoelaces from my old shoes in them right now, but they really do need new laces; The shoes are white, and the dirty old laces look like crap in contrast. And aren't you glad I took the time to tell you all that?).

And the universe is still offering up free stuff...I was going to go to the grocery store yesterday, but was distracted by finding three milk crates by the trash bin area near my apartment (I presume they were left by a neighbor who was moving on).

So they're Jim's milk crates now.


Fri 7/18/03 1:25 am

Watched the Dateline special hour-long interview with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez last night.

I've gotta be honest–I was charmed. I thought they were a delightful couple, obviously crazy in love with each other,, and I found myself hoping they make it.

(That said, I'm not all that impressed with them as an artistic "power couple". In my opinion, they have three movies that are worth a damn between them–Out of Sight for her, and Good Will Hunting and Chasing Amy for him. But they also have a lot to answer for; There's the whole "J-lo" business, and don't get me started on the cinematic horror of Armaggedon...)

Their first movie together–Gigli (Pronounced "JEE-ly" and not "giggly", as you might imagine)–looks god-awful. The television ads and the clips they showed during the interview are actually painful to watch--a "romantic comedy" that looks neither "romantic" nor "comical".

(On the other hand, I'll likely give their next movie–Jersey Girl–a look-see, since it's Kevin Smith's new movie, and he's earned a lot of goodwill on my part, between Clerks, Chasing Amy, and parts of Dogma.)


Well, I'm happy to report, Mark and Jane are not dead.

I called their house yesterday afternoon, before my audition, and they were apparently just getting in; They had indeed been away on a trip (I've got to start writing these things down. I knew a trip was in the offing--Jane goes on these convention thingies with the organization she works for, the former BPI (Bedding Plants Internation)that's gone through a couple changes in acronym I've forgotten--but I just didn't remember when the trip was scheduled till I started not hearing from Jane). Anyway, I was relieved to have my "lifeline" back in place. (END)


My last overnight with Maxine was Wednesday.

Yesterday, I walked her one more time, then changed her water and gave her some food. Then I picked up a little bit around the apartment–Not enough to make it look like I hadn't been there, but enough to make it look like I tried to make it look like I hadn't been there–and said my goodbyes.

After my audition, I came back home, and watched tv for a bit. Then I felt kind of guilty, because I didn't know exactly when Remerro was getting in, and I didn't want Maxine to have to wait till who-knows-when to get another walk, so I went up to check on her.

When I knocked on the door, Remerro was actually home, having arrived in a short time earlier (It was my day for good timing, I guess!).

We talked for a bit--about his trip to New York, about my auditions, etc--and he gave me a t-shirt (The "New York City" one made famous by the John Lennon portrait).

He didn't have my money--I actually didn't expect him to right then--but he felt so bad about that that he said he'd pay me an extra $20 for the inconvenience (I demurred out loud, all the while being thrilled at my good fortune).

Well, there's loads more to say, but I think I'm going to continue on in another entry, since this entry's gone on for awhile (I also want to take a break so I can focus on chatting with Kevin, who I haven't chatted with in a while).


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