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5:46 pm - Mon 6/14/04
Jim And Kevin's Vegas Adventure
Sun 6/13/04 (7:37 p.m.)

Jim and Kevin's Vegas Adventure (Part I: The Gambling)

Got home from Vegas about 24 hours ago...

Frankly, I was pretty dubious about Vegas when Kevin first suggested it. Vegas has always struck me as someplace people go when they have more money than they knew what to do with, and I've never had "more money than I knew what to do with". And that seemed to suggest Vegas wouldn't be "my kind of town".

But I had a great time. We stayed at Circus Circus, but the hotel was basically just someplace to crash at the end of the night.

Kevin was footing the bill–hotel, food, shows, etc (He had made that offer when he first suggested Vegas)–so all I had to worry about was "gambling money". And I did worry about "gambling money" initially (I was afraid I'd lose it all in our first hour there, and spend the rest of the time watching Kevin gamble, or else watching tv in the hotel room).

But Wonder of Wonders, I actually won! I played nickle and quarter slots, and blackjack (Since I at least knew the basic idea of that game), and by late Friday afternoon, I had $276 (I wish I knew exactly what I started out with, but I know it was less than $100. Maybe closer to $80 or $90).

My biggest win was at blackjack; Friday morning, we bought "One Club" cards for $10, which came with $15 worth of chips, and sat down at a $3 minimum blackjack table; Kevin coached me along, and the dealer would good-naturedly admonish me when I was a bad boy (ex. Picking up my hand with both hands), so before too long, I felt like I "had the idea".

And I guess I did "have the idea", cause I walked away with $174. Woo-hoo!!!

(Yes, I know " Beginner's Luck" factors in pretty heavily here, but let me enjoy my little "Diamond Jim Hoffmaster" fantasy, wouldja?)

I think my next biggest win was $45.70 at the nickle slots (I enjoyed the nickle slots, not so much because I thought I was gonna win some huge jackpot there, but because I got to play for awhile with just a buck or two).

It was interesting to experience myself as a "gambler"...

I didn't for a second think I was gonna win, and I certainly didn't think I was going to win big, so I when I got ahead, my tendency was to "get out while the getting was good" (I'm not a gambler, but I know enough to know that, given enough time, "the house always wins").

(When I didn't do that–Saturday morning, I sat down at the blackjack table with $20, and could have doubled or maybe tripled my money, but I stayed in too long and lost it all–I regretted it for the rest of the day.)

Kevin estimated he lost about $100 over our time there, which didn't strike me as too bad (He was probably laying out at least twice as much as I was each time he sat at a table). My sense, right or wrong, was that he would have enjoyed winning, but it wasn't that much of an "issue" for him. He makes a good income, and wasn't laying out a painful amount of money, and he seemed pretty content if he was just "in there" for a long time.

Well, there's much more to write about here, but I think I'll have to do this entry in installments...


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