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8:47 pm - Sun 1/20/08
Weight Watchers #12

Weight Watchers #12

(6:31 p.m.)

Good weigh-in today - Another 2 lbs lost (And a fun meeting too, about how to deal with our bad habits).

So I’m down to 234.6 lbs, on my way to a “target weight” of 195 lbs (Rapidly approaching the halfway mark; I started at 268.4).

Speaking of the “halfway mark”: I’m supposed to be getting a new “interim” headshot soon - Awhile back, I told JS what I’m doing (To let him know my “look” would be changing, and to get his feedback on the headshot issue), and he suggested getting a single shot when I reached this point, then new shots when I hit my “target” - but to be honest, I don’t want to spend the time or money on it.

But I have to; even if it’s just my head and shoulders in the picture, I don’t have a fat guy’s face anymore, and looking like your headshot is the name of the game (And I know there are places where I can get it done cheap, since I only need to get one decent picture from a session and it’s going to be obsolete within the next four or five months anyway).

Another thing I’m thinking about are clothes (pants in particular).
I don’t quite know how to deal with that; I’m really ready for new clothes - when I cinch my belt tight enough to hold my pants up, the waistband curls over my belt, with (now) excess material bunching up around my waist - but I don’t want to buy new clothes now, only to have to buy another new ensemble when I hit my “target”.

(I know - there are worse problems to have. But it is an “issue”.)

In an effort at cost cutting, I’ve been cutting back on the WW treats I buy at the weekly meeting; when I first started, I was spending $13.50 or more a week, which seemed like a lot to be spending each month on “treats” (Especially since I would buy more “treats” when I’d go to the grocery store; yes, Jim has used “treats” as a crutch to lose weight. But I’m also eating lots of fruits and veggies, and taking my daily vitamins. And on a practical level, it’s hard to argue with something that’s working).

So I started limiting myself to two “treats” - typically the blueberry bars and a box of “honey mustard” or “barbeque” pretzels - which would be $9.00.

Then in the last two weeks, I’ve been just buying the pretzels, at $4.50

And today, for first time since I started, I didn’t buy anything.

It was actually kind of tough. But I was proud of myself.

Then afterwards, I stopped at Ralphs to go grocery shopping, saw they had “Healthy Choice” fudge bars and ice cream sandwiches on sale (3 boxes for $10, which is basically “Buy 2, Get 1 Free”), and spent $20, buying three of each.

(But my heart was in the right place...)

It’s something I need to work on, for mostly financial reasons; I don’t want to assume this year will be less financially rewarding than 2007, but it very well might be. And when I recently thought about what I could cut back on, this was the first thing that came to mind (It’s not even about cutting “treats” out, cause that would actually be counter-productive; it’s just a question of limiting my choices, to two or three instead of five or six).

One woman at today’s meeting hit “Lifetime Member” status.

It made me look forward to the day I’ll be getting my little gold key...


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