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1:07 pm - Sun 3.16.2008
Weight Watchers #20

Weight Watchers #20

Well, after a couple weeks of not much happening, I had a good weigh-in this week, losing 1.6 lbs.

(I'd like to get excited over losing a fraction-of-a-pound, the way I have some weeks...but I can't; I've got to lose at least a pound each week, or else it feels like a total loss.)

So anyway, I've lost 42.2 lbs to date, and have 31 lbs to go to hit my "target" (Of 195 lbs).

Today, in addition to my usual "treats" (barbeque pretzels and the "blueberry crumb cake" bars), I bought a 24 oz water bottle (Hoping it'll help me meet my daily "water requirement"; I'm supposed to be drinking six 8-oz glasses of water a day, which I rarely manage to do, usually hitting between 3-5 instead).

The water bottle felt a little extravagent ("What Jim, you don't have cups at home?"), but it "spoke to me"; I like that it has measurements on the side (Two bottles, and I've met my water requirement for the day). And while I have a water bottle on my bike, I don't have anything for the car, so it's good on that front as well.

Much to my chagrin, I found out this past week that I've been inadvertently "cheating" for awhile.

How did this happen, you ask?

I recently went from buying packs of ten-week coupons to the monthly pass.

With the monthly pass, you get access to the WW website, and can track your progress on the computer. So this past week, I put my personal info in, inputed my weight loss to date...and found out I now have 36 daily points on the "Flex Plan" (Which is down from 40 points when I started).

Early on, I remember someone telling me about having to "adjust your points" as you lose weight - was that you, Carrie? - but it seems to have "slipped my mind".

So with pretty much every ten lb loss, I should have been deducting one daily point, which I haven't been doing, cause I'm a big stupid-head.

But now I know ("And knowing", to quote GI Joe, " half the battle").

So losing 4 pts in one fell swoop this week has adjustment (Four points is, for me, a significant amount of food; I can make a meal out of four points). But I'm pretty motivated at this point, so "adjust" I shall.

I've gotten to the point in my weight-loss journey where I look significantly better than when I started (When you look at me these days, I don't think "overweight" would be one of the first things that came to mind).

Now some people actually argue with me when I tell them how much more weight I have to lose - "Oh, you'll be too skinny then..." - which is a weird situation for me to be in.

Truth is, I won't be "too skinny" at 195 lbs. That's still a lot of "Jim" walking around. I won't be disappearing into the ether at that weight.

And the fact of the matter is, I think I'm supposed to be "skinny", at least to a certain extent; when I look at my body, yes, I'm tall, and I have a giant head, but I have pretty thin arms and legs.

And when I gain weight, I do gain it all over (It took me a long time to realize that, over the past couple decades, my ass had become huge), but most of it goes to my belly, the worst place it can go, in terms of your health.

So I'm going to keep on losing weight, whatever anyone else has to say on the matter.

But if you read one of these entries, and I'm writing about how "I'm down to 150 lbs, but if I can just lose another 10 lbs, then I'll be perfect...", please start organizing the intervention.


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