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3:42 pm - Fri 3.14.2008
Commercially Conflicted

Commercially Conflicted

From my MySpace blog:

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Earlier today, I took a good chunk of my tv/commercial oeuvre (What I have on dvd, anyway) to a friend of Brettís in Echo Park, to have him make a "reel" for me.

The idea is to have something to put online - at IMDB and Breakdown Services in particular - so if someoneís interested in me, but needs a little more persuasion, they can click on the link, and see me in all my versatile glory.

Iíd of course like to have sexier credits, but Iíve got what Iíve got (For example, if I had more-and better-theatrical credits, I wouldnít be putting commercials on my reel at all). And I think whatís there (My Gilmore Girls co-star, a student film called Traces, and the "Dish Police", "Bahamavention", and HBO commercials) does show at least something of what I can do.

Hopefully, itíll help me gain a little "career momentum", so I can get those "sexy" credits Iím looking for.


Speaking of credits - and IMDB - I'm happy to report my Monk co-star is finally listed there.


Had a commercial audition on Tuesday, then a callback yesterday.

Or, I would have had a callback yesterday, if I didn't actually have a "conflict"; the spot was for Kellog's brand of water - don't know the name - and since I have the Propel commercial that is apparently still "in play", I can't do commercial's for rival "enhanced waters".

Well, at least it was nice to see, with the callback, that my commercial mojo is still working.

Now I just have to get some commercial auditions for products I don't have conflicts with.


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