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3:46 am - Mon 7.07.2008
Weight Watchers #35

Weight Watchers #35

I was just writing this entry offline, going on and on about what I'm doing wrong, what I could do better, how I've been "cheating", etc. and so forth, blah blah blah.

So you know Sunday's WW weigh-in was not a happy one.

Basically, it was another lackluster showing; I lost the .2 lbs I'd gained the week before (Which means it's now been three weeks since I've seen any real movement on the scale).

And while I want to avoid being too self-critical, or making the situation more of a crisis than it is, I think I do need to be at least somewhat more self-critical here.

A little more honest with myself.

I need to not be having peanut butter & jelly sandwiches two or three times a day...ever (And when I do have that pb&j, a spoonful of peanut butter means a level spoonful, not as much peanut butter as the spoon can support).

If I like grapes, that's fine, but I have to count the five or six cups worth that I end up having as five or six cups worth, not two (Or else just have the two cups worth, and call it good).

A casual bike ride barely counts as "exercise", because a bike is not really "an exercise machine", it's a "labor saving device". That means for it to constitute real, calorie burning exercise, I have to ride fairly hard and/or for a fairly long time (After all, I reached "maximum density" out here while riding my bike to and from work, five days a week, for years).

Yesterday's meeting was basically about "turning things up a notch" in our weight loss efforts.

And in my case, while I applaud myself for the progress made so far, there's definitely room to "turn things up a notch".

Maybe even two notches.


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