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8:33 pm - Mon 9.01.2008
Weight Watchers #43

Weight Watchers #43,

Well, since I had fast-food and my little fried rice blowout at Hop Louies this past week, I got off lucky at the WW weigh-in yesterday - I weighed 204.4 lbs.

That's .6 lbs down from last week, for a total of 64 lbs lost, 9-lbs-and-change from my WW goal (And 14 lbs from my brand-new "personal goal" of 190 lbs).

On the job end of things, I sent the WW paperwork out on Wednesday; I haven't heard back from anyone yet, but expect I will either by week's end, or early next week.

Lynn, my meeting leader, thinks they'll probably have me train with them - I guess that's common (To have new people train where they've been going to meetings), and I would really like that.

Sunday's meeting topic was a continuation of last week's topic, which was basically about paying attention to your body - Eating before you're so hungry you'll make bad choices and/or be tempted to over-eat, and "checking in" with your body as you eat, to know when you've had enough and your hunger is satisfied (As opposed to eating till you're stuffed).

It's definitely a worthwhile topic - Early on in this process, I definitely had to adjust, bodily, to the difference between not being "hungry" and being "stuffed" after eating (Telling myself "Jim, not being hungry doesn't mean eating till you feel sick...") - but I don't think letting myself "get too hungry" was the thing that turned me into a big fat man.

I rarely got physically hungry, because I never stopped eating long enough - My response to being bored, not knowing "what to do with myself", feeling lonely, etc., was to eat.

And I still eat a lot. Which is okay - But the difference now is, every so often, I do something else.

And I sometimes go for hours now without putting something in my mouth (And I'm not talking about when I'm sleeping).

And when I do eat, I don't eat a complete meal's worth of calories every time I go to the fridge; Now if I feel the urge to eat something, I'll have a sugar-free pudding, or some rice cakes, or some grapes, or a bowl of broccoli and cauliflower (with a little Newman's Own "Natural Salad Mist").

Well, I wanted to get into my light case of "body dysmorphia", but I'm tired, and I've been writing about myself for most of the day now - between Diaryland entry and my new blog - so I may have to save that for a "Weight Watchers Extra"


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