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6:15 am - Sun 11/25/07
Weight Watchers #5

Weight Watchers #5

Sat 11/24/07 (9:48 a.m.)

About to go to WW in a few minutes...

Hard to know what to expect, since last week, when I was feeling a little anxious going in, I’d actually lost 3.4 lbs.

But I think I’ll do okay today (I’d just like it to be 2 lbs or more).

I didn’t count points on Thanksgiving, though I did write down everything I’d eaten, and could have calculated the points later (But by then, what would have been the point?).

And it wasn’t about wanting to pig out or anything, cause I didn’t (and hadn’t planned to); I just don’t want other people involved in this, beyond my telling them I’m doing it, or you reading about it here in Diaryland.

I’m not comfortable yet being the guy that calls beforehand - “And what exactly will you be serving for Thanksgiving...?” - or who gets his little “points book” out while sitting at the table (“Okay, a pat of butter is one point, a tablespoonful of gravy is another point...”). Cause in my mind, that turns it from something I’m doing into something I’m kind of forcing on you (As if you need to cater to my needs, or should feel guilty if you make something fattening), and that’s no good.

But anyway...

(4:32 p.m.)

Well, the WW weigh-in was happy news indeed; I'm down to 248.6 lbs.

That means I lost another 4.4 lbs, for a total of 19.8 lbs since I started.

I’m rapidly closing in on my 10% goal of 26 lbs; if things continue as they have, I should get there over the next two weeks.

After that, it’s basically up to me to set the “target goal” I want; if I wanted to, for example, I could make losing 26 lbs my “target” (Though I’m not going to do that, since that would be simply a downgrade - or would that be an "upgrade"?- from “obese” to “overweight”. And that’s not good enough).

I’ve had 200 lbs in my head for the longest time as the weight I'd like to be at(And that’s not far off from my officially “appropriate” weight of 195 lbs).

But numbers aside, I just want to lose however much it takes for me not to have a gut anymore.

I used to be a skinny guy, but that was a long time ago; now I've spent half my life sucking in my gut...and I don't like it.

I want to spend the remainder of my life not having anything to suck in.

I've been "Skinny Jim" and I've been "Fat Jim", but I've never been "Just Right Jim" - if I was, for a week or two there, I missed it - and that's what we're going for here.

I've been up since around 4:30, so as long as I'm here, I thought I'd expand on this entry.

One thing you might be kinda/sorta/semi interested in; last week, I took a flyer home from the WW meeting, about working for Weight Watchers.

I've now been to a half-dozen meetings and watched the "Leaders" do their thing, and I think it's something I could do (Basically being a "motivational speaker"). Something I might actually enjoy, and certainly something worthwhile.

It would also be great motivation to keep the weight off; to lead meetings, you have to reach your target weight, keep it off for X amount of time (I forget exactly how long - six weeks, maybe?), then stay within 10% of that weight.

I don't know any details at this point - what they pay, benefits, etc. - and since I'm only about a third of the way to my "target", I feel like I'm getting a bit "ahead of myself" here.

But it's something I'm thinking about.

But right now, I'm going to think about going back to bed...


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