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3:35 pm - Tues 2/28/06
Welcome To My Journal

Hi. I'm Jim, And Welcome To My Journal

(Don't feel like I have much to write about, but feel like I should write something, for the handful of people that check in on a regular basis...)

Seems apparent at this point that the Dreyers thing ain't happenin'.

At one point, I was a little angry about yet another "avail" leading nowhere (Here's a thought, guys--Why don't you wait till you actually know you want me before asking about my availability?). But while, yes, as Confucius says, "It is far better to get the gig than to be Miss Congeniality", getting "yet another 'avail' that leads nowhere" is at least more confirmation that I'm a pretty viable commodity; no, I didn't get the gig this time, but I got closer than the majority of people who showed up. And that's something.

I think.


Just called Rick Nicolet, the casting director I saw at the ACG on the 15th (The one who's casting Atticus, or "the dog movie", as he referred to it). He said he'd be calling people from the workshop starting next week, to have them come in and read.

I'm a little disappointed--I was hoping to go in and read for him this week--but it'll give me something to look forward to.


Had "Usher Greeter" training last night.

There wasn't much to it, as I suspected. Darrin--who also taught the box office class I had--skimmed over the instructional materials, pulling out what he thought was actually pertinent. Then he had us each get up and do a practice run, greeting one of the movies currently playing at the theater, correcting us as needed (Basically, you can do the greeting in your own words. It's actually encouraged. You just have to get all the information in: Cell phones off, no talking, if you have any questions/concerns you can grab any ArcLight employee, etc.)

Then we went down to Zone One, and took turns doing the actual greetings for the seven movies playing there (I was up first, doing the greeting for Match Point, and was nervous, but did fine).

(Everyone was basically okay, but I was suprised that Chris D., ArcLight's resident "class clown" who wants to go pro, couldn't always be heard during his greeting of Medea's Family Reunion. This was especially striking after he basically poo-poo'd the actual Usher Greeter's advice to "make sure to project".)

After we all did that, we went back to the classroom, Darrin (The trainer) quizzed us on what we'd learned, then we were done (Just like with box office training, we were done hours before we were scheduled to finish. And since it was a very slow night, there really wasn't anything to do but go home).

The only potential "sticking point" I can think of to this "usher greeting business" is Darrin told us, as Greeters, that we're in charge of the ushers--If everyone's doing what they're supposed to be doing, fine, but if not, we're supposed to, "without being a dick", as he put it, ask them if they wouldn't mind doing whatever it is they're supposed to be doing--and my sense at this point is that a lot of people don't know that's the usher greeter's job, and resent "being told what to do".

Tonite, I'm doing my first full shift in the gift shop, and while trying not to "predict and control", I'm expecting a very quiet, dull evening.

Which is fine by me.

And speaking of "quiet, dull evenings", it's time for me to go...


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