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1:27 pm - Fri 5.16.2008
Another Year Older

Another Year Older

My birthday was yesterday.

As birthdays go, it was all right; there were emails from friends and well-wishers (Thank you all), Kevin K. sent me a very generous g.c. to JC Penney, I chatted with Jane, I had something "social" to do (I had lunch at the French Market with Pat M., though I didn't tell him it was my birthday), and in the evening, Tom H. called with "Happy Birthday" wishes.

And in the late afternoon, after lunch with Pat, I got a nice "birthday present" from the Universe; Vicki (My theatrical agent) called, to tell me I'd booked a small part in a SAG "modified low-budget" feature.

(This is pretty cool--they just saw one of my commercials, I'm guessing the "Bahamavention" one, and wanted me for the part, no audition required.)

So, yeah, birthday #47, beyond the cosmic implications of moving ever closer towards decrepitude and death, was not too bad.

Well, I want to write more--there's quite a bit to write about right now--but then I wouldn't be sleeping, so it'll have to wait...


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