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2:01 am - Mon 6/19/06
Battlestar Jimlandia

Battlestar Jimlandia

Sun 6/18/06 (8:00 p.m.)

(Listening to Layla...)

Vaguely embarrassed about my last entry, but what are ya gonna do?

I received a couple more calls from people at work this past week (From Casey and Howard, to be specific), which was nice.

(I particularly like Casey. He’s just a good guy. I’m hoping we’ll have occasion to become friends outside of work.)

But beyond that, it’s been a somewhat lonesome week. I feel like a lot of people are going back into the woodwork again now that they’ve contacted me and I’m “okay”. It’s understandable, but there’s a part of me that wants to go “Guys?...I’m going to be recuperating for weeks, so I might still need to get an occasional phone call or email or something, so as not to go crazy”.

But as I get to feeling better, I’m going to just out-and-out harass some people here in town to “hang out with me” in the next couple weeks. I’ll need the “people contact”, and I also need to just have an excuse to “get out”–Left to my own devices, without a specific “task” to accomplish, I have a hard time getting myself out the door (Though I guess you could say I have a “specific task” to accomplish pretty much every day now, which is to build my strength back up).

And actually, in terms of “getting exercise”, I started going for walks within a day or two after getting home–Around the block, to the drugstore, and more recently, to the bank (Yesterday), and the grocery store (Today. That was maybe a bit much to be taking on at this point, but it’s hard to know you’re over-extending yourself till you over-extend yourself. But really, it was fine–I was just pretty wiped out afterwards).

I’m afraid this entry is sounding a bit “poor me”-ish, but I hope it isn’t, cause that’s not really how I’ve felt this past week. Yes, I’ve had moments here and there of lonely stir-craziness, but there’s also just the fact that I do feel somewhat debilitated, and have needed, and been grateful for, the physical/emotional rest I’ve been able to get this week.

(Point of fact, it hit me today, as it sometimes does on a day off from work, that if you added some acting to the mix, and a couple opportunities for socializing with others, I’d really be up for a life that came complete with a lot of “down time” like this.)

And thanks to Cary, I’ve got a load of dvds to watch from his collection (And watching dvds is something I really enjoy, “post-op” or not).

He’s given me some really good stuff–movies like The Lion In Winter and My Favorite Year, and tv box sets like Homicide and Northern Exposure–but the real gem, for me, is the first season-and-a-half of the new Battlestar Galactica.

(The complete first season is one box set. The next set is the first half of the second season–they’ve “on hiatus” right now, and I think Cary said they’ll be starting up again in the fall. But anyway...)

It’s a show I’ve read nothing but amazing things about, and I’ve had a sense that it might not just be the kind of show I’d enjoy watching, but a show where there might be a place for me as an actor as well (And as you know, if you’ve been following along in here, I’m sort of looking for that. Shows where, as I watch, I think “I could see myself in this world...”

And it definitely lived up to my expectations–Very dark, exciting, complex, and thought-provoking–and in terms of it being a “world I could fit into”...well, the series regulars are, for the most part, either too young and good-looking, or too old for me to play...yet, but there have been some co-star/guest-star roles that left me thinking “I wouldn’t have looked out-of-place doing that...”.

Anyway, I enjoyed it very much (But for some reason, I’m thinking it shoots in Vancouver, which would suck–If something shoots in Vancouver, that’s where most of the casting is going to happen. But anyway...)

Well, I could go on, but I’ll save it for next time...


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