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11:02 PM - Mon 5.14.18

Birthday-ing and Shameless-ing

So...what's happening?

Well, Shameless, for one thing.

Got an email from the Producers a week or so ago - or rather, my manager did - that I'm in the first episode of the new season.

An official "offer" has not been made yet - that's where they say "We want him on X date, at X time, we want to pay him X, and here's how his name will appear in the credits" - but since shooting starts Friday, I am assuming it's basically a done deal.

(Brett floated the idea of asking for a raise, since I haven't gotten one in three years. And I am, of course, pro-"Jim getting more money", but I'm not holding out a lot of hope - The ritual has become "Casting asks for more money for the recurring folks, Production says no, and we all go about our business". But it would be nice, particularly if this is indeed the last season, if Production gave us a little "bump" in salary, as a little "Thank you for your service" send-off.)

In other Shameless news - Just got word today that they're throwing a party next month celebrating our having reached 100 episodes (A traditional marker of success in TV, when syndication becomes...financially feasible, I guess?).

I've started to notice, in recent years, situations frequently come up that I have a rote response to - In the case of a thing like this, I initially don't want to go, then go back and forth on it, then decide to go, then consider trying to "leverage" the event to get a date, then decide not to do that (Partly out of social anxiety - Having to juggle the dynamics of the event and entertain the person I'm with - and partly out of some vague hope of "meeting someone" at the event that I'd miss out on if I were attached to a most-likely non-sexual "date").

So I'm gonna go. And while Brett confirmed my RSVP for a "plus-one", I will, in all likelihood, be going alone...and coming home alone.

(The invite says there's gonna be a "red-carpet". I don't know how seriously to take that - Are there really going to be people there taking pictures? And does anyone give a shit about getting a picture of "Kermit" showing up at the event by himself? - but it reminds me that I don't even have an actual suit, let alone anything "red-carpet worthy". But I have a couple weeks to get my shit together if I choose to.)


Weds 5/15 (3:25 pm)

Well, it's that most blessed of days - my birthday.

On Saturday, my friend Tobi - who I work with on Tuesdays - overheard me telling a member my birthday was this Tuesday.

She asked if I was going to take the day off, and I said, "I thought about it, but really, what am I going to do at 9:30 a.m. on my birthday anyway?".

But when I woke up this morning, a half-hour before the alarm (Initially panicking that I'd overslept), one of my first thoughts was "Damn - I should have taken the day off...!".

After work, I went to the Roscoes Chicken and Waffles on Pico, and had lunch with Mike M. and Tim G. (I'd also asked Cary and Josh, but they couldn't make it).

(I have to say this - If not for Weight Watchers and my desire to get/keep my weight situation together, I'd be having Roscoes on at least a semi-regular basis.)

As I always am (When I even contemplate trying to bring friends together for something like this), I was a little worried about today.

But of course, it was fine - We're all character actors, so we had that in common (Along with all having had to show more of our bodies on-screen than we were strictly comfortable with). And they're both married with kids (And Mike was in the service for a time, and Tim's daughter recently signed up), so if anything, the two of them have more in common than I do with either of them.

And of course, they have me in common.

We were there about an hour. Then Tim had to leave, and Mike and I talked outside the restaurant for a while, got a selfie including the Roscoes sign (Which I haven't posted anywhere yet), then parted ways.

The last big thing on my birthday itinerary?

Going in a bit to see Matt Dillahunty (noted Atheist speaker/YouTube star/Host of The Atheist Experience), along with Seth Andrews and Cara Santa Maria, two folks I know less well (Actually, CSM not at all), at the Wilshire Ebell Theater.

Was very pleased when I saw Dillahunty was speaking - In LA, and on my birthday no less! - because I am a big fan (In an alternate universe, I could imagine doing exactly what he's doing), and it fit the bill of "having something to do on my birthday" that didn't break the bank, but nevertheless felt "special".

I've felt a low hum of melancholy today, I'll be honest. I'm not going to tease out why I think that's been the case...but it's been the case.

But at the same time, Roscoes was fun, and I expect I'll enjoy tonight's thing (And Jane sent out a little "gift box" today, and Victoria just said she sent a card, so there'll be a little residual "birthday fun" over the next day or two).

And I'm proud that I "took care of myself", and worked to make the day fun, instead of just something to be bummed-out about.

And that's as good a note as any to close on, because time has flown, and I need to get a Lyft to the event (Well, don't need to, but am choosing to, the better to not be frustrated/angered by parking that will likely be difficult and/or expensive. It's nice when your "birthday fun" isn't ruined by having to pay an arm-and-a-leg for parking).


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