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3:14 pm - Fri 2/29/08
Once More Into The Breech

Once More Into The Breech

Fri 2/29/08 (1:24 p.m.)

(Watching the end of Road House, a movie I’ve cited a number of times as “my favorite bad movie”. Well, I don’t know if it’s really a “bad movie”, or just a “junk movie” - well done, but with no nutritional value - all I know is I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen it. Anyway...)

The big news from here is that I will be doing reshoots for the AT&T commercial on Monday (JS confirmed it in an email yesterday).

This is becoming a “be careful what you wish for” kind-of-thing; I wanted to book a commercial...and now here it is (I should have been more specific - “...and I want to be able to do whatever’s required in the spot without fear of accident or injury, and to make it to the end of the shoot in no worse shape than when I started...”).

Everyone I’ve mentioned “re-shoots” to wants to know if they’re re-shooting everything, or just some given shots, or what.

And the answer is “I don’t know”. It would be nice to know - was all of Monday a wash, or are we just talking about one or two quick pick-ups, or what? - but I don’t know.

Moxie (The production company) hasn’t called me with a call time yet, but I’m assuming it’s going to be early again (If not, that would indicate they’re not planning on it being another marathon day. That would be cool...but I’m not planning on being that lucky).

The backs of my thighs, and especially my groinal region, are still hurting, which, considering it’s Friday and the shoot was on Monday, is a point of pretty profound concern; if I go in on Monday in worse shape than last Monday, and it’s pretty much the same kind of day...well, I don’t know what happens then.

But what’s working in my favor...?

I was able to finagle and get Sunday off, so I’ll have the day before to rest and relax and think healthy, healing, “I’ll-be-able-to-make-it-through-one-more-day-of-this-shoot” thoughts.

And now I know just how long it should take me to get there, and exactly where it is, so there should be minimal stress-and-strain in that department.

And now that I have a sense of things, I’ll be better able to “pace myself” (for example, anything where we’re supposed to be running as a “herd” means “Don’t run full out, just look as if you’re running full-out”).

And now that we’re far into things, I might be in a little better position to ask the on-set medical person “Is there anything we can do we can do to help insure I’ll get through this without hurting myself/hurting myself worse than I have?” (At this juncture, I would not be completely averse to performance enhancing drugs).

Anyway, if those of you of a religious bent would say a little prayer for me, I’d appreciate it.

This is what I want from Monday:

1. I want to be able to execute whatever they want me to execute.
2. I don’t want to be injured (By falling down or pulling anything)..
A. Because I want to make it to the finished commercial.
B. Because I want to be able to audition for other things after I’ve finished this thing.
3. And it would be nice if it were a short day.


Had my follow up appointment with Dr Alessi, my ENT guy, on Wednesday.

The results of my sleep study were thus:

On my back, I basically didn’t breathe.

On my side, I “woke up” about every two minutes.

The longest time I stopped breathing was for 45 seconds (Or did he say 47 seconds...? I’m not sure now. I just remember it seemed like a long time not to be breathing).

He said I needed to do CPAP - with a full face mask, since I don’t breath through my nose so good - till we do the other stuff we’re contemplating doing (A septoplasty, somnaplasty, and a possible “nasal reconstruction”, where he’d build up the inside of my nose, which I guess needs some shoring up, with cartilage from my ears).

But more on these possible developments as they develop (In all likelihood, I’m only going to be doing the first two, and passing–at least for now-on the third, because insurance only pays for the first two procedures).


A couple days ago, my computer started doing it’s crazy willy-nilly scrolling act again.

I called Dell support, and long story short, they scrubbed my computer clean (Since they thought the problem was a virus).

Which meant losing all the stuff on my computer (Nothing terribly critical, I don’t think - mostly just a lot of dirty pictures, and some “Offline Diaryland” entries that either ended up online anyway, or were deemed too “boring” to share with you). But it left me bummed out nevertheless.

(I had a lot of really nice dirty pictures...)

Since my warranty expired years ago, I had to pay them $39 for the service.

Well, it seems clear I did have a virus (Or viruses), because my system has been moving pretty slowly for awhile, and after they did what they did, it “perked things up” quite a bit.

But it didn’t actually fix the problem I called them about; it’s calmed down for now (Hence, my ability to do this), but it’s still periodically doing little tricks, whether I’m in Wordperfect, or online, indicating the problem is hardware, not software, and I’ll have to do what I didn’t want to do in the first place, which is to take the tower into Best Buy or someplace and be without the Internet for God knows how long (I’m not going to do that, however, till I absolutely have to).

But one nice thing in the midst of a situation that’s left me feeling somewhat depressed, helpless, frustrated, et al.: I was happy I figured out, all by my lonesome, what to do about my lost printer driver; after much fruitless effort, I went to the Brother website (I have a Brother MFC 7820N 5-In-1), and after downloading two or three of the wrong things, managed to download the free software package that did the trick, and turned what had been a big paperweight back into a printer again.

And on that note of triumph, I think it’s officially nap-time.


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