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10:28 am - Weds 3/03/04
Call Me \"Butter\", Cause I Am On A Roll!

Call Me "Butter", Cause I Am On A Roll!

Yesterday, around 5:00, I got a page from JS while at work.

After basically jumping out of my skin, I told myself not to get too excited, because it was probably just another audition. And I was half right; it wasn't the page I was hoping for--confirming the Nordea gig--but it was a little more than "just another audition".

I have a callback this afternoon for a PGA spot at Megan Foley.

In the spot, I'm a guy at the airport who is understandably surprised--and confused--when the airport intercom starts announcing his tee-off time.

The audition consisted of my acting out that moment, then cutting to the end of the spot, where I sink a putt, pump my fist, Tiger Woods-style, and high-five my non-existent buddies.

Assuming comparable money--and no trip to Sweden--I think I'd actually rather get this spot (Assuming, of course, I have to choose, and can't just do both). The idea of playing a golfer when I've never played the game amuses me, but more than that, it seems like excellent visibility; I've gotta believe a whole lot of people "in the biz" watch golf on tv (I imagine a lot fewer people "in the biz" watch Scandavian television).

But anyway, I'm pretty psyched; I'm chatting with Jane right now, and I told her something that's occurred to me: When I really want something, with no ambivalence, I tend to get it.

Unfortunately, this is the only thing in my life I'm not "ambivalent" about, so I'm obviously going to need to work on that...


In exciting non-commercial news, Mark and Jane are coming to visit next week!

To be honest, I was stressing about it earlier, but Jane helped me calm down by saying "Hey, it's just an overnight" (They're stopping by on their way to New Zealand for a couple weeks; They'll be getting in Tuesday morning and leaving Wednesday evening).

They know who I am and how I keep house, so all I really need to do is pick up enough so that the place isn't a complete bacterial house-of-horrors, and buy a few supplies--extra pillowcases, sheets, blankets, towels, etc--that I should have on hand anyway (On the unlikely-but-not-impossible chance I might someday lure an unsuspecting woman into this filthy "Den of Iniquity").


Well, don't know what was going wrong before, but I'm glad I didn't take my "broken" scanner out to the dumpster like I was thinking of doing, because it's working again.

And for the first time since Kevin gave it to me--and thank you again, Kevin!--I noticed a handy little feature; instead of just scanning the picture and then trying to figure out where it went afterwards, amidst much cursing and heartache, you can actually tell the scanner where you want the scanned picture to go.

What'll they think of next...?


Well, I could blather on, but I want to lay myself down to sleep, with enough time to leisurely prepare for my hole-in-one, gig-winning performance at Megan Foley casting later this afternoon.


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