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8:44 pm - Tues 10.05.2010
Game Changers?

Game Changers?

Where to start...?

Apparently Shelley wasn't kidding when she said she was reticent about dating - I called her on Saturday to see if we could do something this week, and still haven't heard back.

But anyway...

Speaking of "starts", today got off to a fairly bad one - I forgot I was supposed to work this morning at WW as the #2 receptionist (at Beverly/Altavista) - and that kinda sucked.

(Losing the money was the least of my concerns; a bigger deal, in my mind,, was "letting the team down", and damaging my reputation for...well, for showing-up, clearly. It shakes me when I screw up this way, however rare it may be, because "showing up" at a job is one of the primary things I think I have to offer; I may not be an inspired employee, but, typically, I am dependable.)

But rescuing the day from the dumper was a commercial audition in the afternoon, then a late-afternoon email notice about a huge commercial audition tomorrow.

(The audition tomorrow is for T-Mobile, for a series of spots. It's the kind of booking I could imagine doing me a lot of good, on a couple levels.)

And in medical news...

My insurance has (mostly) approved the surgical procedures to help my breathing/sleeping (I received a copy of the approval from my ENT doctor a couple days ago).

They'll pay for the septoplasty and the "tongue reduction", but not for the "soft palate reduction".

(They don't want to pay for the soft palate stuff because they consider that a treatment for snoring, not for sleep apnea; It's a distinction I don't completely understand, but there it is.)

Hopefully, what they will pay for will do the trick. But in any case, I imagine being able to breathe better is a desirable state-of-affairs that will make me feel at least somewhat better in and of itself.

And...well, "nothing ventured" and all that.

Looking at the 19th of next month to get the work done - That's a Friday, which mean having the weekend to get through hopefully the worst of the recovery (Healing times vary, of course, but I was told that, in terms of my career, I might actually be able to do it on Friday, and go to an audition on Monday...though I'll probably "book out" that Monday, just to be safe).

I'd like to be happy about this - Cause it's a good thing, right? - but right now, I'm more stressed and anxious about it than anything.

I just have to tell myself that I've been through uncomfortable things before and lived to tell the tale. And that, even though I don't really know how it will feel to be "on the other side" of these procedures, it'll be an improvement on where I'm at now (And if it really cures me of sleep apnea, or even lessens it? How cool would that be?)

I have to talk to Cary about the ins and outs of all this, cause he's my go-to for help in these situations (Though he's got so much on his plate he really doesn't need, in addition, "Schlepping me back and forth", so I'm trying to think if there's anyone else I can ask to step-in).

What else is happening...?

Got the bulk of my security deposit back from the old place - a check for $455 came in the mail day before yesterday - which was nice.

But it should have been a little nicer (I also paid a $200 "pet deposit"); fortunately, I have the documentation they seem to be missing, so I sent copies of said documentation to them, and I fully expect the situation to be resolved quickly and amicably.

Well, it's gotten (relatively) late, and I have to get up (relatively) early to rock that big audition tomorrow...

Man I really want to book this thing tomorrow! It has the feel of a potential "game-changer", and as (relatively) good as things have been for me lately, career-wise, I'm really in the mood for things to take a big leap forward.


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