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8:39 AM - Weds 06.14.23

The Coming Lull
Back from the Vero Beach Film Festival (We got back Monday night. Jane's here in LA through the weekend)...

When Gregg left after the Friday morning screening, we had one more overnight at the Driftwood Inn (Which is supposedly "haunted", though I didn't notice any supernatural goings-on, and I don't think Jane picked up on any "spooky vibes" either).

Then we relocated to the home of a volunteer - Etta S., who was a delight - till we left late Monday morning.

(The Driftwood was basically a week-long "time-share" - The week started before we got there, hence staying with Etta those last couple days, but it was still cheaper than if we'd stayed at a hotel those four nights.)

Friday night we "dropped in" at the wine-tasting event - that and the cocktail party the night before made me kind of wish I'd packed a suit - then went to the restaurant that was sponsoring our film screenings (The owner had invited us, hoping I might pop into the kitchen to greet her son, the Chef, and take a picture or two).

(The food was very good. And "on the house", which made it taste even better.)

Saturday morning we had our second screening, which was at 10:00 am, the same time as our checkout at the Driftwood (So it was a busy morning - We actually had to bring our luggage to the theater so we could go to Etta's place afterward).

The second screening was in the smaller of the two theaters at the venue. So while I don't think we had quite the turnout of the first screening (Gregg counted over fifty at that one), it still looked pretty "robust".

And unlike the first screening Q&A, which was very brief, they let the second one go on for a while, which was great fun (For some reason, I worried about Q&As as we started our film festival journey. But in my own estimation, they've all gone quite well).

And with that, the "work" part of our Vero Beach experience was done.

I hung out after the screening to watch some narrative shorts, while Jane went to lunch, if I remember correctly.

Then we Lyfted to Etta's place and settled in there.

Saturday night they had a "Sock Hop", which I was kind of looking forward to - Unlike cocktail parties and wine tastings, which I have no interest in, I do like to dance (My only concern - beyond my general out-of-shapeness - was that it would be an "authentic" sock hop, and just have all Fifties music, which was not the case).

On Sunday I attended an out-of-competition screening of a Belgian kids movie called Oink, which I thought was fun.

Then they had the awards presentation for the Audience favorites (The Jury awards had been announced before the festival began).

While we didn't win anything at this film festival, it hardly seemed to matter - People had clearly responded to the film, and the two of us were very warmly received by everyone we came into contact with (Jane ranks it among the best film festival experiences she's had, and she has a lot more film festivals under her belt than I do).

After the awards, we were invited (By Susan, co-founder of the festival) to a small dinner party at a home that is possibly the nicest place I've ever been invited to dine at).

I was initially a little nervous in this fancy environment - I'm not terribly fancy, you see - but once the dinner commenced, I was completely comfortable, and it was a very enjoyable evening (Unlike many situations where I'm around people with money, the conversation was less about vacation homes and investments and the like - And what do I know about that shit? - but more about film and pop culture, which is really about all I can somewhat knowledgeably talk about).


(Thurs 8:00 am)

Had lunch at El Coyote with Jane yesterday (It's become one of our "things", to have lunch there whenever we go to the nearby Blicks for an art-supply run).

Today we're planning to go to the movies in Los Feliz, to see You Hurt My Feelings, probably hitting House of Pies after.

Jane's only here through the weekend, then she's headed back to Santa Fe for the foreseeable future (At present, there are no film festivals in the pipeline).

So with no Jane, no film-festivals, and likely, no auditions/gigs, I'm a little concerned about the coming lull (I tend to struggle with lulls).

But I have "lulled" before and I will "lull" again.

And lulls are not fatal - I just need to work on keeping myself together (Wouldn't it be nice if I emerged improved from a pause in the action, having read more, drawn more, written more, exercised more? I think that should be the goal here).

Vero Beach was fun (And I have to say, I was quite a hit with the senior ladies...!).

But there will be more film festivals.

There will be more acting things (I hope!)

And there will be more Jane.

In the meantime, it'll be my job to see what else there is.

(Till next time...)



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