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2:22 pm - Sat 12/15/07
Dead Man Walking...And Writing A Diaryland Entry

Dead Man Walking...And Writing A Diaryland Entry

Well, I heard back about The Funeral Director...

After my workout yesterday morning, I saw I'd gotten a couple of voicemails.

They were from Brett. The first was letting me know the Funeral Director people wanted me to play a corpse, but would pay me the "day player" rate; the second was to tell me they'd called him back, having changed their minds - they were only going to pay "background" (Cause, after all, it's the non-speaking part of a corpse, and how much money do you want to shell out for that?).

I was tremendously disappointed - "I'm heading towards seven years in LA, and the big movie offer I'm getting is to play a fucking dead body...?" - and I couldn't see much "up-side" to doing it (Rule of Thumb: If the idea of doing a particular part makes you want to cry, you should probably turn it down).

So I told Brett to turn it down.

He called back a short time later; apparently, they were very enthused about me playing a dead body, because they were putting the "day player" rate back on the table.

That caused me to think about it for maybe an extra thirty seconds...before I turned it down again; I just don't want to do something I'd find uncomfortable and embarrassing, that hardly pays, that has nothing to do with acting, and that won't give me anything to put on my resume or my reel.

And I've been on enough sets at this point that I don't need to be on a set just to have the experience of being on a set (The "up side", for the record? The fee, such as it would be, would go towards qualifying for health insurance in '08).

When I wrote about the callback, and how, when they'd asked if I wanted to "read" for some other roles, "it would have been stupid to say no"?

Well, turns out it was stupid to say yes; what I should have said, instead, was "Are they speaking roles?", or "Sure, but for the record, I'm not interested in background work". Anything, but "Yes, because I'm so desperate and eager-to-please, I'll agree to anything".

Long story short, this was not a happy experience: I put myself out, wasted my time and energy, and embarrassed myself, all for nothing.


Had a Jack-In-The-Box audition earlier today, at Alyson Horne (I go there a lot, so it seems they like what I'm selling).

It would be an amusing spot - I'd be playing "Cereal", who runs into the Jack-In-The-Box "Breakfast" character walking down the street, and gets into a fight with him.

It wouldn't be a big money maker - it's a regional spot - but some money would be better than no money. And besides, I think the Jack-In-The-Box spots are always really fun.

So there we are.

Well, this was going to be a longer entry, but I got distracted by My So-Called Life, which I recently bought on DVD, and now it's nap-time (Since I just realized I have to be at work a half-hour earlier than normal tonite).


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