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9:02 pm - Sun 8.22.2010
A Dry Recitation Of The Facts

A Dry Recitation Of The Facts

"Many people need desperately to receive this message: 'I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people do not care about them. You are not alone.'"

-Kurt Vonnegut-


I am not at The Comedy Store.

A girl I worked with at ArcLight is back in LA, visiting, and doing stand-up tonight at The Comedy Store (Since the show started at 7:30, she may have done her thing already. But maybe not - One of my pet-peeves about the Comedy Store is that they over-book, and shows are way longer than any stand-up show should be - To be honest, I find watching live stand-up downright punishing after two hours).

I considered going...but immediately felt better when I considered not going.

I don't know what room she's in, but if it's "The Belly Room" - as opposed to the Main Stage - that's a $10 cover with a two-drink minimum.

So, I'd be spending in the neighborhood of $25, when all was said and done, to see my friend - if that's the right word - do, I don't know, maybe a seven or eight minute set.

I feel, for some reason, a little guilty that I didn't go.

I like the girl in question.

But apparently, I don't like her that much.


Still haven't filled out the application for that place I looked at on Thursday.

It's partly that I never like filling out forms of this nature - I'm not well-served, most times, by a dry recitation of the facts (Particularly facts of a financial nature) - but, yes, it's also about change being hard.

But this is good change. There are trade-offs, to be sure (I wish there were more closet/storage space in the new digs, for example), but it's hard to argue with the one-two punch of lower rent and a parking space.

(And if that means I have to throw out some shit I should have thrown out a long time ago anyway, I can live with that.)

So the next order of business, after I'm done with this, will be to fill out that application, because I want to walk it over to Betty (The apartment manager) tomorrow morning.


I assumed Shelley - the woman I asked out about a week ago - was going to be leaving town this weekend, so I was surprised to see her at Saturday's WW meeting.

(She's not actually leaving till Wednesday, turns out. She'll be gone for ten days.)

We had a nice, albeit brief, interaction at the meeting, which left me once again feeling encouraged about the possibilities.

(Have I mentioned it makes me happy just being in the same vicinity as her?)

Anyway, we'll be getting together when she gets back (Who knows? Maybe I'll be in my new digs by then).


(Just took a break from writing this to watch Mad Men. Man do I love that show!)

Hoping tomorrow's audition will become my next booking.

Of course, I always hope that, but I think I'm particularly eager, right now, to feel like things are moving again.

And it makes sense, in light of circumstances; I'm about to move, and I'm (with any luck) about to start dating someone I'm very enthused about.

It would be nice to feel confident that my finances will be able to support those moves.

And speaking of "moves", I think I should move away from the computer, and fill out that rental application...


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