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5:38 pm - Thurs 8.14.2008
The End Of Faith

The End Of Faith

(Haven't given myself a lot of time for this, but wanted to write something...)

I'm still reading The End Of Faith: Religion, Terror, And The Future Of Reason, by Sam Harris, the book I referenced in my last regular post.

(I'm really not the voracious reader I used to be, much to my chagrin; "back in the day", I would have been done with this book three weeks ago, and I'm still only halfway through it. But anyway...)

I don't have the time or inclination to go deeply into the book here (And like I said, I still haven't finished it yet), but I will say that I'm in such agreement with his thesis - essentially that in this day and age, the end of "faith" would be a good thing (Particularly when you consider millions of people's faith involves belief that martyrdom in the service of "holy war" is a sure ticket to paradise) - that it's discouraging to think it will never, ever happen; there will always be people using "God" and their belief that only they know "the truth, the way, and the light" to justify the ugliness in their hearts.


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