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1:00 PM - Mon 8.30.21

To "Fat Thor" And A New "Decade"

(These usually take me forever to do, but I'm going to try and be relatively quick about this one. We'll see what happens...)

It's Monday, and I don't quite know what to do with myself, which I guess is the "downside" of being unemployed (I think there's something to the notion that it's easier to be more efficient/effective when you have "less time on your hands", basically because you have to be. Or, in my case, you can just devolve into doing nothing at all).

I knew I wanted to podcast (I have a podcast, if you didn't know, called "Inside Hoffmaster's Head", current average listenership something like 40 people per) and/or do this...and I podcasted and am now doing this, so "Yay me!" I guess?

Since I now have the financial information I need to redo my Unemployment filing (I was supposed to do the initial filing a long time ago, then eventually did, apparently to sub-par effect), I could do that...

But - and this might just be an excuse for procrastination, but for now, I'll allow it - I actually wrote Unemployment, asking them to tell me specifically what I did wrong (And if there was any way I could arrange to speak to an honest-to-God person about the whole thing), so I want to wait to see if I hear from them.

(I'm pretty sure I know what went wrong - I basically "guestimated" what I made during my last couple months at Weight Watchers and how the hell did I think that was gonna fly? - but I am wary of doing the shit over and sending it in, only to get the same terse message I just received ("new filing required") because I messed up some other shit as well. But I can't/don't want to wait forever, so as of this entry, I've decided to wait till midweek to hear back, and if I don't, I'll take my next crack at it.)

It doesn't feel like much else is going on around here - had an audition recently (Where Jane R. helped, as remote Reader and Editor) that I think ultimately went pretty well (Though not well enough, since I didn't get it), but that I think might have gone better if I'd walked in with my lines better memorized.

(That's been a problem before - The self-taping process shouldn't be about me having to do takes over and over because I keep fucking up the lines. It should be about me doing a couple really strong takes, deciding which one is best, and getting on with my life - but apparently, it's a problem I haven't completely "fixed" yet, in part because I don't completely "get" why it's happening.)

But I don't want to just rag on myself today, because I do have something I'm proud of - After languishing in the 250s, pound-wise, for a very long time, I have recently hit "a new decade". Last time I weighed myself, I was 245 lbs, which basically puts me back to where I was before the Pandemic.

To give you a sense of things - I started out around the beginning of the year at 273 lbs (Which I'm guessing wasn't the peak of my Pandemic "fattitude"), pretty quickly got down to the mid-250s, stayed there a very long time, am now in the 240s, and am looking to settle into something around 215 lbs.

My eating is still not everything it could be, but I'm using a calorie-counting app called Lose It and endeavor to stay within my daily, weight-losing calorie limit, even if the stray bag of Doritos or bowl of Lucky Charms sneaks in there from time to time.

It doesn't feel like there's anything else noteworthy going on (Though I just got a call from Gamestop - the "Thor - Endgame"/"Fat Thor" action figure I put on pre-order sometime back has come in - so picking that up is a little "chore" I could attend to today...)

The documentary post-production goes on - We are "near the end", but I don't really know what that means in terms of days/weeks/months, and I'm not involved in that process, so it doesn't really feel like a "thing" at the moment.

Suddenly having some keyboard glitchiness, so this may be the perfect time to end...

Till next time...



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