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11:43 am - Sun 3/13/05
The Notary Follies

The Notary Follies

Sun 3/13/05 (9:56 a.m.)

Recently read about how you can get fired for writing about your job in your blog.

Then Dick H. sent me a link to an article...about how you can get fired for writing about your job in your blog.

Is the universe trying to tell me something...?

Don't know if any blog is worth getting fired over. But on the other hand, I'm not nuts about having my job dictate what I do or don't say (Or write about) in my private life.

So I don't know. I might play down the work stuff, cause after all, finding a new job would be a bitch (When the time comes, I want to leave my current job under my own steam). But on the other hand, I might not play down the work stuff, because after all, when all's said and done, it's just a job.

In any case...

Was thinking recently that, when I leave the job, I don't have to just depend on the one "income stream" I've been thinking about (The Notary stuff). I can sign up for temp agencies, extra agencies, and of course, there'll be whatever comes in from commercials (And hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, income from tv and movies). My fervent desire is that I can cobble together enough income from this and that and the other thing to keep myself afloat, and out of retail, until the time comes–and hopefully one day it will come–when I can just be "Actor Guy".

Speaking of the Notary stuff, I took the test yesterday.

The best part of the experience?

When I got home, I found a parking space right in front of my building.

The worst part of the experience?

Pretty much "everything else".

Again, like with my trip to Sierra Madre to audition for Sylvia, I had problems getting there (And actually, problems with getting back as well).

But I had allowed enough time that when I did get there (Glendale U. College of Law), I was still over a half-hour early. So I filled out the application, and hung out, waiting to be allowed into the test room.

The test was scheduled for 10:30, but by the time they processed everyone–maybe 25 or 30 people, I'm not sure–and read over the rules and whatnot, it was 10:55 when the test actually began.

I went in feeling pretty confident–"I'm a smart guy", I thought to myself. "I've taken the class, I've gone over the notes, and after all, it's a 30 question, multiple-choice test, so how hard can it be?"–but when I opened the test book and started in, that confidence went out the window.

The first ten questions or so were mostly hypotheticals, and if they were covered in class, I must have dozed off, cause I had, by and large, no memory of them at all.

That was extremely discouraging, to say the least.

Then there were other questions covering material I did remember from class, but that I wasn't sure about, making me wish I'd done a little more than read over the notes a couple times on Friday.

And yes, there were some questions that felt like "gimmes", but honestly, I'd expected the whole test to feel like that--To have, I don't know, maybe six or seven questions I felt pretty sure about on a 30 question test...well, let's just say, between the test and the bumbling around trying to get to and from the test, that it wasn't a high self-esteem day for Jimmy.

I will be very surprised if I passed. And I have to say, that's a big blow to my ego–I'm not a guy who flunks tests–but really, while failing would wound my pride and be something of a pain-in-the-ass (That's another $20 bucks to retake the test sometime next month), it wouldn't be the end of the world.

(Though I have to be honest: As I walked out to my car afterwards, very discouraged over how things had gone, my first thought was "Well, maybe this isn't something I want to do anyway...".
Unfortunately, that's my "default mode": If something is too hard or frustrating–particularly if I didn't expect it to be-- it probably isn't worth pursuing.)

What I might do, if I did indeed fail this time, is take one of those classes where you take the test at the end of the class, and they guarantee you'll pass (I think they do a "practice test" before the real one). It's what I had intended to do originally, and it's not much more expensive than the class I just took. Of course, I'd rather not be in the position of having to take another class and spend more money, but it may come down to that.

Speaking of which, I'm considering calling and complaining about that class, cause I'm a little pissed off at how unprepared I felt taking the test: Instead of spending time going over stuff like "What's on the Notary seal?" and "The supplies a Notary needs" (Cause really, who cares if you know off the top of your head what's on the seal? If you get commissioned, you can look at the fucking seal if you want to know what's on it. And you can order a kit that has all the start-up supplies you need, other than the "embosser", so who gives a fuck if you can rattle those off by memory?), we should have been getting more instruction about those "hypotheticals", about actually being "in the field" trying to do the job.

I was a little cocky and over-confident about taking the test, to be sure. And that's my fault. But it's not my fault if we wasted time in class going over things we really didn't need to know, things that took time away from what we should have been going over.

But anyway...

Some good news–I have a callback on Monday for that AARP spot.

People have been giving me funny looks when I tell them I had an audition for an AARP commercial, and initially, I thought it was weird too. But I'm not playing a "senior" in the spot-- I'm a plumber, telling a homeowner that because of their clogged sink, the whole house is going to have to be torn down (A somewhat heavy-handed metaphor for their take on the Social Security debate).

I'd really like to book it. It's SAG, it'll get a lot of play, and it's "a good part".

And I need to put one in the "win" column.

Well, I could go on, but time's getting away from me, and I've got some other things I need to attend to...


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