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9:00 AM - Sun 10.29.23

It's Pretty Fucking Cloudy
So what's going on...?

The top story tonight - or rather, this morning - is I have bronchitis (Which is contagious - I didn't know that. I assumed it was the kind of thing one kept to oneself).

I'll spare you the whole tragic tale, but long story short, when a mild but persistent dry cough turned into a more insistent "productive" cough, I called the Doctor, worried I was getting sick-slash-sicker at exactly the wrong time (More on that last bit shortly).

After my video visit with the good Doctor, I'm halfway through an antibiotic prescription for what he said sounded like bronchitis, but things haven't cleared up just yet.

One reason I say my illness is happening at "exactly the wrong time" is that on Wednesday I had a commercial audition I felt very good about (And one where the Camera guy, beforehand, made a point of telling me what a pleasure I am to work with. Which is actually the second time he's told me that...but more on that in a bit).

But the other, more personal reason for my diagnosis coming at "exactly the wrong time" is that my body screwed me out of hanging out with Jane and Josh Thursday night - which would have been my first time seeing Josh in weeks, since he's been out-of-town - then cut my time with Jane a day short (Being immuno-compromised - and already dealing with blood sugar issues and a bout of COVID - she didn't want to catch my shit, then bring it home to Dick, especially when he's about to have back surgery and she's about to become nursemaid to him for the foreseeable future).

So thanks to bronchitis, loneliness and social isolation came to Jimland a few days early.

But looking on the bright side, at least I don't have to worry about that commercial callback...because I didn't get one (Both times my friendly camera guy has made a point of applauding me for what I bring to auditions, I went on to not even get the callback, let alone book the gig. So next time I go there for something, I'm gonna start the audition by saying, "And do me a favor, wouldja? Don't tell me how fucking great I am, okay?").

(Okay, for the record? Commercial CDs don't have any say in who the client chooses to call back, let alone who gets the gig. So, superstitions aside, my beef should really be with the client, and not Casting, who clearly thinks I'm hot shit.)

Honestly, I wasn't in the best of spirits heading into this time - the SAG strike goes on, the last film festivals of the year were disappointing (To say the least), the few auditions I've gotten lately have done nothing, and I continue to struggle with what the fucking point of it all is.

And I'm sick.

So while there have been periodic "breaks in the clouds" - It was fun to recently have a couple Cameos, and a commission for a drawing (At least I can occasionally earn a little money doing semi-creative stuff) - it's looking pretty fucking "cloudy" these days.

So I'm going back to bed.

(Till next time...)



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