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12:59 am - 12.06.2008
Facing Death Head-On...Eventually

Facing Death Head-On...Eventually

I'm sick.

It started yesterday at the Doctor's office, as a runny nose - the radiologist doing my pre-op chest X-ray asked "How long have you had that cough?" (Even though I'd actually just sneezed when he asked me). And I said, "Oh, it's just sinus-y stuff..." (Cause that's what I thought it was) - but it was the start of a cold, a cold which is hitting me full-on today.

(It was just a stuffy head/runny nose, but now it's a stuffy head/runny nose...and a feeling that lies somewhere between idly wondering "Is this what it feels like to be old?" to what I imagine it's like recovering from a thorough, full-body beat-down.)

But anyway...

Once again, I'd rather my "news" be about some acting triumph, but instead, it's about my upcoming hernia surgery, scheduled for this Wednesday at 8:15 a.m.

(Looking on the positive side, that's early enough in the morning - and I have to check in at 6:15 - that I'm likely to sleep through the whole thing.)

If everything goes as it ought to, which I'm sure it will, the procedure should take maybe an hour, with another couple hours of recovery.

Then Cary will be dropping me off back home...and there we'll be.

I've wrestled with out-of-proportion depression over this business - which is really just a matter of some discomfort and inconvenience; not fun, mind you, but not the end of the world either - but now I'm into let's-get-it-done mode.

(I hope this cold won't gum up the works, but I imagine not - I'll probably be over it by Wednesday anyway.)

Not much else in the way of "news" to report...

Got the Wimax check recently, in addition to a small residual check for Monk.

The check came directly to me, so I've got to send JS a check for $100 (So after taxes and JS's 10%, I'm going to net about $600 from a $1000 gig).

I've also got to send checks to Brett and to my theatrical agency for the infomercial shoot (I'm contractually obligated to give my theatrical agency a cut of anything I make theatrically, whether I get it through them or not. Which really sucks at this point, cause not only did I not get this audition from them, I haven't gotten anything from them yet).

Someone from Cedars-Sinai called me yesterday for a pre-admission interview, and at one point, she asked if I had an "advanced health care directive".

I still haven't filled out the form I downloaded off the Internet, but I told her I had it, so I guess you could say a good part of this is that it's providing an impetus to "get things in order" in the event of my untimely death/catastrophic illness or injury (Though once again, I expect things to go fine on Wednesday).

That's something I should have addressed years ago - particularly since I have no family - but it's pretty tough stuff to face up to.

But it's late, and I'm tired, and I've done all the "facing up to death" I'm gonna do for today.

I'm going to bed...


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