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10:24 AM - FRI 05.10.24
Let Me Tell You About My Life In One Long Rambling Sentence
(Planning to see a movie today. But for now, I'm doing this.)

Well, I don't know if this was a thing I was "looking forward to", but it was something I was planning for, and noted on my calendar - NPR came to do a story on GenSpace this week.

The GenSpace folks had asked previously if I'd consent to be interviewed for the story, so I assumed a day and time would be scheduled, and I'd go in and talk to them for five or ten minutes.

But when the time came, the NPR people came into a class I was in - "Mixed Media" (Which was "painting" that day - It was my first time taking the class) - and just picked people at random to talk to, while we were trying to paint a still life.

(I could tell it was random because they picked one woman who, once you get her going - and sometimes, I guess to save time, she'll just get herself going - she'll ramble on forever. They asked her a question about GenSpace and she was "off to the races", telling the Interviewer her life story. I was embarrassed, because it made it seem like we were in a "special needs" class for seniors. But anyway...)

As the only man in the class, they did get around to talking to me.

Since they'd come in during a class, it seemed like they wanted us to just do what we were doing as they asked us questions.

But I was frustrated - I felt like "I'm trying to paint, and I'm trying to talk to you, and I can't focus on either...!" - and as a result, I don't think I was a much better interview than "Let Me Tell You All About My Life In One Long Rambling Sentence" Lady.

Anyway, that was a thing that happened (If you hear the story on NPR and they don't use my interview, you might still hear me - The next day, they popped into a vocal music class I was also doing for the first time and recorded us singing).

(Of the two new classes I tried this week, "GenSpace Voices" was the winner, and not just because of the NPR thing. While I don't need much instruction when it comes to singing, when it comes to "Mixed Media", the only artistic "medium" I'm somewhat proficient in is drawing in pencil. So I need actual instruction when it comes to, say, painting, or working with clay. And with one instructor and however many students of varying skill levels, that's not really possible in any meaningful sense.)


Well, I thought I'd be telling you that I still don't know when the LACC thing is happening, but Jane just texted me a short time ago, and apparently we're on for Wednesday, my birthday.

This doesn't seem like enough time to attract much of an audience, but if some people see it and get something out of it, that's a good thing.

And while I would like it to be a well-attended, successful event, if it's kind of a dud, that's almost a better story - It has a "Throwing Yourself A Birthday Party And Nobody Showing Up" feel to it.


I imagine I must have nice dreams on occasion, but I never remember them (When I was a kid, my dreams were all about being chased around by monsters, as a teen they were mostly sex dreams involving embarrassing orgasms or coitus interrupts, and as an adult, they've usually been some variation of me wandering around trying to find the stage, without knowing anything about the show I'm in or the role I'm playing).

So it was almost refreshing when I had a dream recently and the worst thing I can remember happening was being at some kind of banquet, walking around randomly doing basic tap-dance moves (which I often do in real life when I'm standing around with nothing to do), and having someone ask me to stop.

(In an interesting note - While I was the only white person among a group of African Americans at this banquet, there wasn't any suggestion in the dream that I was trying to be offensive or that anyone was offended by what I was doing. The guy asking me to stop just seemed annoyed by the noise I was making.)


(3:25 pm)

Thought I was going to watch The Fall Guy in Los Feliz this afternoon. But instead, I just got back from the Ross on Hollywood, where I bought another container for my action figure collection (I'm trying to get things under control), a box of 48 alcohol markers...and a bag of Moose Munch.

Guess which purchase I'm most ashamed of...? (Hint: It's not the markers or the container.)

I should have just gone to the movies.

(Now the "movie plan" has shifted - Instead of The Fall Guy this afternoon, I'll see the new "Planet Of The Apes" movie tonight at the CGV theater here in K-Town, and see The Fall Guy tomorrow or Sunday...or maybe I'll wait and it'll be something Jane and I can do this coming week. Anyway...)

I'm not feeling great these days (One reason I opted not to "movie" this afternoon is that focusing for two hours seemed kind of daunting - I'm going to lay down shortly, so I won't fall asleep on the "Apes" tonight).

I frequently feel like I'm on the verge of throwing up, I feel weak and "rubbery" much of the time, and I have bouts of light-headed-ness that make me feel like I could faint when they come on.

But I don't throw up, I don't faint, and, so far at least, I can get through the movement classes at GenSpace (Though I almost walked out of the "Dance it Out" class Wednesday, I was struggling so bad to get through it. I only hung on because I felt like that would be "The beginning of the end", if I start leaving the movement classes early cause "I don't feel good").

It's time for a checkup, and I should see a gastroenterologist about that throwing-up feeling .

But for now, it's time for me to lay down.

(Till next time...)



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