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10:36 AM - Weds 02.28.24

Quite A Bit Worse For Wear

(Well, somebody just realized it's Wednesday, not Tuesday...but anyway...)

Remember those last two commercial auditions? One where the "audition" was them asking us random questions - which I wasn't excited about because, for some reason, I've never booked a gig from an "interview" audition - and the other was a funny spot for a major company where I thought I did very well?

Well, I didn't even get a callback for the "interview" audition. Disappointing...but not a huge surprise (It's now on my "bucket list" to book one of those bastards!).

And I thought, to my chagrin, that I hadn't gotten a callback from "the good audition" either.

The initial audition was a week ago this past Friday, and the callback was scheduled for the Monday that's just passed. So when it got to the end of the business day on Friday, I emailed my agent, saying, "I probably didn't get that callback, huh?". He responded that he'd give it till Saturday morning before writing it off - then when Saturday morning came, he emailed again and said, "Yeah, looks like you didn't get the callback".

Then on Sunday night, as I considered the tone of my next journal entry regarding this ugly state of affairs, I got a text telling me my callback would be the next day at 3:10.

So "Yay!" for getting the callback...and "Boo!" for them making me wait till the night before to tell me.

For the callback, I was going in for a different role in a different spot (While I liked the new spot well enough - similar humor to the first one - I honestly thought I was better casting for the first thing. But anyway...).

When I signed in, I noticed the name of an actor I'd been in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar with back in 1984 on the list ahead of me (She'd had some success in Hollywood before I came out to try and make my mark).

I recognized her, but she didn't seem to recognize me...or else she did, and we both decided it wasn't worth the energy to fake an excited, "You look just the same...!" greeting (When the truth was we both look quite a bit worse for wear).

I was excited and nervous - Unlike most callbacks nowadays, the decision makers were actually "in the room", which everyone was enthused about - and while I'd gotten there a little early, as a good actor should, they were running fairly late, so it was close to 4:00 when I was finally called in.

And that's when I remembered that, sometimes when the people are actually in the room, they might as well not be, because they don't acknowledge you or act as if they see you at all.

And this was one of those rooms.

I slated, and did the bit.

The Director gave me a re-direct, which I thought I took pretty well.

And that was it.

In the moment, I tried to rationalize that they were moving quickly, trying to make up for lost time, and it didn't mean that I hadn't registered with them.

But the truth of it was that I hadn't registered with them. For whatever reason, they were not buying what I was selling (My experience from callbacks where I have booked is that, when they're excited about you, you know it).

I thought maybe I hadn't taken the re-direct as well as I might have, that I hadn't "taken it far enough" (You're asked to "underplay" things almost all the time out here, so it can be hard to then totally "swing for the fences" on the rare occasion it's called for).

I also worried that there was only one person I saw there for the part dressed worse for the role than I was (And that was a guy who "hadn't gotten the memo" about the change of roles, so was dressed for the original spot).

And maybe those were "issues", and maybe they weren't (I don't think either thing helped, let's put it that way).

But the truth is, I don't know why it didn't happen.

But it didn't happen.

(To be continued...)


(4:40 pm)

(In the interest of historical accuracy, it's actually about 6:35 now. I got sidetracked by my urge to do nothing, then by my desire to chat with Jane. So...there you are.)

Had a very well-rounded afternoon at GenSpace today...

First, I attended a singalong hosted by Canadian Singer/Songwriter/Actress Deborah Cox (Who's currently in a revival of "The Wiz" that's headed to Broadway). At one point, I briefly - very briefly - danced with her, much to the delight of my fellow oldsters.

Then I drew a thing (I'm almost halfway through a sketchbook that's been, with one exception, used only at GenSpace - I've considered offering it to them when I'm done, but what the hell would they do with it?).

I finished the afternoon with my weekly "Dance It Out" class (Which currently has the distinction of being the hardest class I've had at GenSpace so far - The Instructor is very flexible and never stops, while the last time I was "flexible" was in the early 80s. And "stopping" is one of my favorite things to do. Which means it's not always fun, but I know it's "good for me").

So where was I, before GenSpace interrupted me...?

After the audition on Monday, I called Jane, as I'd said I would, then let Cary know I was running late (Since it was "Superstar" night).

I had misunderstood the essential nature of the "Superstar" experience we'd be having - I assumed we were seeing a live show, but it was actually a screening of the 1973 film, with Ted Neeley and Yvonne Elliman in attendance.

Had dinner out with Cary and Kay, which was lovely, and then we headed to the theater.

Now, Cary had said he didn't know how many people would be in attendance - "It might be a full house, it might be six people. I have no idea." - but when we approached the theater, it was capital-D "dead".


We didn't even see the six people.

And turned out there was a reason for that - Instead of buying the tickets he thought he'd bought, for the Newhall Laemmle, Cary had bought tickets for the Noho Laemmle (The Newhall screening isn't till tomorrow night).

Briefly, we considered just seeing another movie, but there wasn't much there we were excited about (The one movie I have wanted to see, "Drive Away Dolls", wasn't screening for another 45 minutes).

So we went back to their place and rented "Superstar" from Amazon.

And it was good.

(There was no Ted Neeley or Yvonne Elliman however.)

Something I totally can do, but don't like to do anymore, is drive at night.

So after the movie, I considered asking if I could stay over.

But that felt stupid - "Just drive home, Jim!", I thought to myself, "Don't be a pussy" - So I just drove home and wasn't a pussy.

(And for the record, the drive home was fine - I was home in less than half the time it'd taken me to get there - and I didn't regret my decision at all.)


Well, I could write more, but it would be entirely "Keto-related" - I spoke to my Therapist yesterday, who's really become more my "Keto Coach" than anything - and I personally think that's "a bridge too far" in terms of boring my handful of loyal readers, so I'll spare you.

(Till next time...)




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