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1:54 pm - Tues 11/27/07
A Light Shade Of Blue

A Light Shade Of Blue

Tues 11/27/07 (11:44 a.m.)

(Watching Chuck that I recorded last night...)

Well, this kinda sucked; I went to MíDears last night...and itís closed for renovations (They bought the building next door, and are beginning an expansion).

I thought something was up when I drove by and noticed their sign was off.

I parked down the street, then saw Bernie and Tadg - from the band - standing out on the sidewalk with a couple other guys (some of my fellow ďJammersĒ), telling them the deal.

Now I donít know how long this sort of thing typically takes, but I have to assume it means, at the very least, that thereíll be no jamminí for Jimmy for the rest of the year. At least not at MíDears.

Itís pretty disappointing. Especially since it was the big reason I decided to go down to four days a week at ArcLight (Besides just wanting to be at ArcLight as little as possible); I wanted to open up my time to ďjamĒ on a regular basis, without cutting out a day of of availability for casting workshops.

Iím trying to ďlook on the bright sideĒ - when the place is up-and-running again, itíll be big enough that I can actually invite people to come hear me play - but itís still something of a blow, albeit a minor one (It doesnít seem fair - I only got two weeks out of this. And besides that, I was starting to look forward to the turkey meatloaf, with the spinach, and broccoli & baby carrots).

In other news thatís making me feel a light shade of blue...looks like I didnít get either of those tv things I went in for (I guess I could still get called today, but itís tv, and the passage of time is not my friend here).

Even though I told myself I probably wasnít going to get them - because you typically donít, no matter how well you think you did - I felt hopeful in spite of myself, and Iím still disappointed (On both on the financial level and the emotional, I-need-a-win-cause-itís-been-too-long-since-my-last-win level).

And as long as the theme seems to be ďThings That Are Making Me A Little SadĒ...

My neighbor Mark - I walk his dog, Lady (A 16-year-old Sheltie) - had his cat Harriet die on Thanksgiving Day (Immediately trumping any crappy Thanksgiving Iíve ever had).

Harriet was a dark, short-haired, skinny little thing, about the same age as Lady.
Sometimes, if their treats were out in plain sight, Iíd give them both a snack after bringing Lady in from her walk. Or if not, Iíd just spend a few moments with Harriet, petting her and scratching behind her ears (Unlike Lady, whoís utterly indifferent to such attentions, Harriet obviously enjoyed the attention).

I felt really sorry for Mark; heís clearly a lonely guy, like me, and his two elderly pets are his closest companions.

And now, when I walked Lady today, I noticed she was looking more uncomfortable than usual. And when she went to the bathroom, her stool was very loose, and more alarmingly, very bloody. And Iím not a vet, but I know enough to know thatís not good.

So, as much as I didnít want to, I called Mark, and left a message on his cell (If he doesnít know about it already, I thought he should know sooner rather than later).

I just hope he doesnít lose Lady right on the heels of losing Harriet. Cause it seems like there should be limits on what people have to deal with at one time.

Well, I could write more, but then I wouldnít be napping...


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