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12:21 PM - Weds 05.03.23

Life Moving Forward

Well, after waiting longer than anticipated to find out - thought I'd hear on Monday, but actually heard late this morning - it's official: I am shooting my bit on Loot this Friday.

WGA strike notwithstanding, I expected the gig was going to happen, so I wasn't anxious about that. But I am glad to have it nailed down, nevertheless.

It's going to be at Universal - I feel like I've shot something there, or near there, at some point, but don't recall what it was (I just remember hearing the roar of dinosaurs off in the distance, which amused me).

And as of this writing, I have a basic description of my character and the scenario but haven't seen a script yet (Seeing as how I have no lines and am in just the one scene, I don't know that getting a script is strictly necessary, but I wouldn't mind having a little more sense of what I've signed up for. I suspect it's going to be embarrassing, but just how embarrassing, I do not know).

I wanted to know what day this would be happening just on general principle, but more pragmatically, because I was scheduled to jet off to Santa Fe on Friday.

So on Saturday, I gotta be at the airport in time for an 8:30 a.m. flight (Which leaves me hoping Friday's Loot shoot will be earlier in the day rather than later).

(For the record? Jane presented me with another option, but it would have involved more weekdays out-of-town. And even with the strike, I'm not comfortable with that - If the strike means there's no work for a while, that's one thing, but if it just slows things down and means less is happening, then I really don't want to miss anything that might come my way).

So anyway, long story short, Jim is heading toward a busy couple of days...!


2:10 pm

The Loot Wardrobe person just called for my sizes. And for once, I was confident in telling them what they are, because just having done Night Court, I made a point of asking (I haven't worn actual pants in years and rarely buy new clothes in general, so I'm never quite sure what the real story is, size-wise).

So I have a fitting tomorrow afternoon (Which is when I typically talk to Mark and Jane. But because of their schedule, they needed to shift to Wednesdays for the next two weeks. So as the kids say, "It's all good").

Speaking of Mark and Jane, they will be calling very shortly, so I think I'm going to hit "pause" on this for now.


7:39 pm

Since I last wrote, I did get the Loot script, reading it in between binging episodes of Poker Face (A "For Your Consideration" offering by the good folks at Peacock that I received in a recent email. Which is why I'm able to watch it even though I don't have Peacock. But anyway...)

The Loot script was fun, but my bit is basically, "Man in Suit", no "embarrassment" required (Which was a great relief at first, then quickly became vaguely disappointing).

This is something I've been thinking about since Night Court last week - As I told Jane R. recently, I really need to scale down my expectations moving forward, in regards to the whole "acting thing".

For my mental health, I think it's time to just be grateful for getting to do anything, however minimal - If I were going to become a big success out here, it would have happened by now - and quit wanting every gig I book to "be something" or "lead somewhere".

Because that attitude is breaking my heart - I'm anxious when I'm not booking anything, then depressed and disappointed when I do, because, ultimately, "there's nothing there".

Better to understand that I've been pretty fortunate, even if I didn't ultimately "grab the brass ring". Most people who try to do this don't get as far as I have, I know that.

I haven't failed.

I just haven't succeeded as much as I wanted to.

And I need to figure out how to be okay with that, and get whatever happiness I can get out of life moving forward.

(Till next time...)



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