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10:37 am - 05.23.2008
Yesterday's MySpace Blog Entry

Yesterday's MySpace blog entry...And More (Ummm...Never Mind About the "More" Part. I'm Just Too TIRED.)

Written On Envelopes

From Anna Quindlen:

There is only one reason to go to war, and the architects of this one have never come close to satisfying it. It is that you have a cause so great that it justifies asking people to sacrifice their children

Pretty much says it all, doesn't it?


I think I need to read The End Of Faith, by Sam Harris.

Watched the season debut of So You Think You Can Dance tonite.

It's pretty perfect entertainment - you get to watch some great dancing, watch hot young girls in skimpy outfits, watch the drama of who's going to make to make it to the next round (And who isn't), and watch tragically misguided "dancers" who barely seem able to move, let alone "dance", get their foolish hopes dashed by the judges (Though a little bit of that last bit goes a long way).

And Cat Deeley is cute as hell.


A commentor (Is that actually a word...?) in The Onion's "AV Club", responding to the question "What is a 'character actor'?":

"Character actor" is a Hollywood euphemism for "talented and butt-ugly"

I think he pretty much nailed it (I may have that "talented and butt-ugly" line put on some business cards...)


Oliver Stone told an interviewer recently that he doesn't follow the details about politics, because it "makes me sad".

I've been feeling that one for the past eight years or so...


Playing with Google:

1. "Jim says"...pretty much what I was thinking.
2. "Jim wants" be a millionaire.
3. "Jim does" again.
4. "Jim hates"...the Electric Slide (That's not really true-I love the Electric Slide-but the alternative was "Jim hates retards", which is both not true and "politically incorrect" besides).
5. "Jim goes"...solo (Story of my life...)
6. "Jim needs"...pants (But not for long-Just ordered three pair online).
7. "Jim likes"...your mom.
8. "Jim looks" a creepazoid.
9. "Jim loves"...Diet Coke.

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