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9:50 am - Weds 4/4/07
Going My Way

Going My Way

Being who I am, and tending, at times, towards sadness and frustration and angst, I think it's important I take special note when things actually go my way.

Last night, things went my way.

As you know, if you've been reading along in here, I recently got cable and hi-speed Internet.

Anyway, last night was the sixth-season premiere of The Shield--for my money, one of the best shows on television--and I was bummed because I was at work, and haven't yet figured out how to hook my vcr up with my cable box (I'm kind of wondering why the guy didn't set me up when he installed the cable box, but that's something for another entry--"Taking note of when things don't go my way").

Anyway, there I was, at work, not watching The Shield...when the power went out.

(First the power went out, then a few moments later, alarms started going off, complete with flashing emergency lights. It was really quite exciting. Which is something I can't typically say about Tuesday nights at the theater.)

I was working Guest Services, so of course, everyone coming out of the theater was coming to me, asking what was going on (I didn't know), and wanting their parking validated (Since the power was out, our validation machine wasn't working, so I had to hand-stamp everyone).

As people milled around out in the courtyard (More concerned about getting refunds than about their personal safety), and most of my coworkers gathered in the main lobby, excited by the novelty of the thing (And hoping they'd now get to go home early), managers and Q.C.s (supervisors) fluttered around, trying to look "official", as Cory--a new manager--comically bemoaned his bad luck (It was his second time as closing manager, and his second emergency; the first night, the fire department had to be called when two coworkers and a wheelchair-bound guest got stuck in the elevator).

When it became clear the power was not coming back anytime soon, the theater was shut down for the night, and the guests were sent home, after being reassured their tickets stubs would be valid for re-admission at a later date(And the parking structure gates were opened, so validation was not an issue).

Initially, they were saying all the employees could go home but the closing people (And I was closing Guest Services). That seemed pretty stupid--If there weren't going to be any "guests" to "service", what was the point of me hanging around?--but then Cory said to just make sure my name got on the list (So they could manually clock people out when the power came back on), and I went home.

So, in order for things to "go my way", hundreds of people's evenings had to be disrupted...but turns out I can live with that.

And by the way? The Shield was fantastic.


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