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9:47 am - Fri 3/30/07
A Little TOO Busy (aka \"Audition-Palooza\")

A Little TOO Busy (AKA "Audition-Palooza")

This is turning out to be a pretty busy week...

I have my third audition of the past three days this afternoon (for Snickers), and a callback for the "Harry Potter" videogame spot after that.

In spite of the poor review I gave my performance at the Hallmark audition (The "MC Hammer" thing), I'm still disappointed I didn't get a callback (Callbacks are supposed to be today); In spite of everything I said, I still want to believe that I could "rise to the occasion", if I were just given the opportunity (and if so, it would be great to have on a reel).

(10:29 a.m.)

Well, in the blink of an eye, "pretty busy" changes to "too busy"...

Just got an email for another audition today (for Boost mobile phones).

I want to be "busy", I just don't want it all happening in one afternoon, cause it feels like "the law of diminishing returns" in action; when you have to get from one place to another to another, and then to work, it's hard not to have it become more about the stress of getting from here-to-there than doing the actual thing, if you know what I mean.

But anyway...

Before "Audition-palooza" starts, I have to do two loads of laundry, walk the dog, and get my car from the ArcLight parking ramp (After my audition yesterday afternoon-which went okay-I left my car there, and saw The Namesake, taking the Metro home afterwards).

And right now...? All I really want to do is this, cause there's quite a bit I'd like to write about, and I'm feeling the need to "commune with myself" a bit.

But it's gonna have to wait, cause I have to get rolling here...


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